Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives these days. Imagining life without smartphones seems impossible today. India is ranked second largest market for smartphone industry and Samsung is the leading company in the Indian market. Today’s post is about the must have accessories for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Before discussing the must have accessories, let us take a look at the specifications of these two. Both the phones are priced between 48000- 57000. Clearly, it can be seen that the company has made this product for its premium customers who wouldn’t mind spending a good amount of money for their luxury.

Both the phones come up with a hybrid dual SIM which means you can either use two SIMs simultaneously or one slot can be used for USB card. The only difference between the two phones is their screen size (Samsung S7 has 5.1 inch screen display while S7 edge has 5.5 inch screen display) and battery life. Both the phones have Octa Core Snapdragon 820 processor which ensures smooth functioning of the device. The phones have two variants, one can buy 32gb & 64gb device as per their convenience. 32gb variant is not a bad option as externally it can be increased up to 200gb.

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Whenever a new premium phone enters the market, its compatible accessories are being searched online. People who upgrade their phones frequently, try and look for matching accessories for their devices so that they can enjoy the utility of the product to the maximum. We have brought you 15 must have accessories for the new entrant in the market. All the gadget freak people, this is one post for you to keep you updated with the latest accessories in the market that would be compatible with Samsung’s newly launched devices.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Best Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

1# Tempered Glass/Screen Guard

Though Samsung has already provided a shield to the devices by putting Corning Gorilla Glass to both the products, it would be wise if you put an additional layer of protection of tempered glass. If your phone is thrown carelessly into your bag, it’s better to invest in a good screen guard. It would be a pain for you, if you find a scratch on your new phone, so don’t forget to get a good screen guard for your phone.

2# Portable Chargers

Life is fast and our work keeps us on our toes every time. This has made portable chargers all the more important as they can be used in cars and gives a boost to the battery whenever a phone is running out of it.

3# Headphones

Samsung phones come with headphones, but some people prefer buying good quality headphones to match up the level of their premium phones. For Samsung S7 & S7 edge, wireless headphones would look good as they reduce the hassle created by the long wires and gives a soothing experience.

4# Power bank

Power bank are essential as they make sure you never run short of battery. Good power banks can last up to 3 to 4 charges. They can be really useful if you go out on business trips or for holidays, just get them charged once and you are all set to use your phone for the next two to three days without worrying about recharging your phone’s battery.

5# Covers

Covers gives a phone a new life. If you get bored easily and cannot afford to change your phone every now and then, then go for stylish covers, they provide a new look to your phone and break the monotony. Get three to four covers and keep changing them after regular intervals. Believe me, you will be happy whenever you put a new cover on your phone.

6# Selfie stick

Selfie has become a new trend these days and the selfie stick has taken this tradition to another level. People take selfie sticks to parties and wedding so that they have lots of photographs of the event to post on social media. Selfie stick has got a place in this list because of its gaining popularity over some time.

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7# Wireless Wristbands

Wristbands have lately become a new style statement. One just has to configure it with their devices and then the wristband keeps a record of their physical activity. It is one must have accessory in today’s time where people do not get time to exercise. This band can help them track their physical movement.

8# Detachable lenses

Galaxy S7 & S7 edge has a good camera of 12 megapixels, but to enhance the quality of the pictures, one can buy detachable lenses that can be fixed to phones and provide sharp and clear pictures.

9# Portable speakers

Portable speakers are a new fashion as they are perfect for in-house parties where not so loud music is required. They are handy and once charged , their battery can last up to 3- 4 hours. So, guys if you are going to sleepovers with your friends, this one gadget should be there in your accessory list.

10# Signal booster kit for cell phones

Call drop rates have become higher in the past few years. Cellular providers are constantly being questioned by the government authorities on this, however, no solution has been found for this by these companies, meanwhile, the technology has made some progress and signal boosters are being introduced in the market. These signal boosters help to boost cellular signals and lower chances of dropped calls.

11# Vehicle chargers

Charging mobile phones while driving is a common practice now. People have USB chargers in their cars to charge their phones. Vehicle chargers are easy to use and they get attached to USB and phones can be charged safely.

12# USB to HDMI adapter

This accessory is very useful these days as it can help connect mobile phones to TVs easily and is very handy. They don’t take much space. All you need is a wire to attach your device to any system.

13# Stereo Splitter

Mobile phones generally do not have loud audio and this upsets many users as the big music systems are not portable and the sound of phones is not enough to set the party mood. For this, we have one more accessory for you and that is stereo splitter. This gadget has more that one jack which allows connecting phones simultaneously and once the devices are connected you can enjoy loud music without bulky speakers.

14# Glitter sticky

This accessory is exclusively for girls. Having a good phone is not enough, girls these days put lots of accessories for their phones, from putting glittery covers to designer covers, when it comes to fashion girls, they have more options to go for.

15# Dust plugs

These days a new funky thing in the market are the dust plugs, they are put in the headphone jack to prevent dust from getting inside. They have become a huge fashion trend and again, they come in different designs and boys and girls can pick one as per their style. From crystal plugs to funky plugs, there are many options to choose from, for the stylish customers. SinghFeaturedaccessories,galaxy s7,s7 edge,samsungMobile phones have become an important part of our lives these days. Imagining life without smartphones seems impossible today. India is ranked second largest market for smartphone industry and Samsung is the leading company in the Indian market. Today’s post is about the must have accessories for Samsung Galaxy...