10 Best Xiaomi Redmi 10 Tricks and Tips [2021 Model]

It’s been a few days since the Xiaomi Redmi 10 arrived in some countries, so it’s possible that you’re already trying out the new model. Therefore, we have this list of best tips and tricks for Xiaomi Redmi 10 tricks and tips to get the most out of this smartphone.

And if you’ve taken a look at the settings and sections of the phone, you’ll have noticed that it has many functions that allow you to customise the device. But if you want to get a little more out of it, check out this series of tips for your Xiaomi Redmi 10 2021.

1. Customise The Way You View Apps

If you’ve gone through your phone’s settings, you’ll see that the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 gives you the option to use the classic way of grouping apps on the home screen or switch to the App Drawer. But it’s not the only option you can choose if you want to customise the way you view your apps.

So if you’ve chosen “App drawer”, here are some tips to keep in mind. Open the three-dashed menu that you will find when you open the app drawer and select “Manage app categories”. In this section, you can create different categories to organise your applications in any order you want. For example, “Work”, “Personal”, “Social” and so on.

And on the other hand, you can also decide whether the background of the drawer will be light, dark or change automatically according to the system settings.

2. Share Photos Without Data Or Private Information

If you want to share photos without metadata or location information, you can apply this little trick. And don’t worry, you don’t have to install anything or use any application.

All you have to do is make a small adjustment in the settings. If you want to manually remove this type of data to choose which photos to apply these settings to, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the image and tap the “Share” icon.
  2. Tap on “Privacy Protection” to see the options shown in the image.
  3. Enable the “Share without location information” and “Share without metadata” options.

And if you already want to configure these settings for all photos, then open the Gallery app, go to Settings and choose “Secure sharing” to enable the options mentioned above.

3. Create Mind Maps Of Your Notes

You may have noticed that one of the pre-installed apps on the Redmi Note 10 is Notes. At first glance it may not catch your eye, but if you take a look at its features you’ll see that it has more potential than just taking a few quick notes or jottings. For example, you can create mind maps.

Yes, without having to resort to other applications, you can create a mind map using one of the pre-installed apps. The dynamic it proposes is very simple. Just type the text you want to be included in the map and then click on the “Mind map” icon.

Or you can start from scratch by clicking on “Create a mind map” so that the app allows you to create the nodes and build the map. When you’re done, you can save your mind map as an image.

4. Change The Default Home Screen

On the home screen we usually put the widgets for the clock, weather and so on. And we even prioritise those applications that we use frequently on this screen.

But depending on the situation we may need to have other information accessible on the Home screen. If it’s a temporary change then it’s not worth modifying the one we’ve already created, but we can simply toggle the screens so that they become the main screen.

To do this, tap on the screen to bring up “Settings” and show you the option “Set default screen”. Once you choose this option, it will show you all the screens created for you to set one of them as the default.

To find out which one you have chosen, you will see the little house icon at the bottom. So in this way, you can have any screen as a temporary default.

5. Choose How To Activate The Lock Screen

MIUI gives you several ways to activate the lock screen without having to unlock the phone. So if you want to quickly check notifications, see the time or the battery level, you can try activating one of these options.

To do this, go to Settings >> Lock screen. You’ll find the “Lift to wake” option to activate the lock screen by simply lifting your phone. Or you can opt for “Double tap to wake up or turn off the screen”. Two simple ways to check information on your phone without unlocking it.

6. Remove Pre-installed Apps So They Don’t Take Up Space In The App Drawer

While we can’t uninstall all the applications that come pre-installed on our mobile, we can prevent them from stealing space in the app drawer. You know, those apps such as Compass, Scanner, Weather, etc.

Performing this action is as simple as tapping on the app icon to bring up the quick actions, and selecting “Delete”. While they will still be installed on your device, they will not be listed when you open the app drawer.

You can repeat the same process for all the apps you want to keep on your phone, but without mixing them with the apps you use frequently.

7. Check Internet Connection Without Apps

When we have trouble opening a web page on our phone or can’t watch a YouTube video, we immediately turn to an app to check our internet connection. But with your Xiaomi Redmi 10 you can skip this step.

You can use the “Security” app to see if your internet connection is stable or if there is a problem. Just open this app and click on the “Check network” option. While it won’t show you a lot of data, it will give you a clue and let you know if your mobile problems are related to your internet connection.

8. Apply Effects And Filters To Your Photos With The Miui Editor

If you want to give your photos a special touch before sharing them on social networks or passing them on to your friends, you can use the MIUI editor.

Not only will you find basic editing functions, but you’ll also have a beauty mode, frames, text templates, among other options. And of course, an assortment of filters and effects. To apply them, you just need to open your photo and then click on the editor icon.

You’ll see that as you choose a filter or effect, the editor will show you a preview of how it will look on your image. And you can see a before and after just by clicking on the image. But don’t worry, the changes won’t be saved until you decide.

9. Schedule Your Reading Sessions

Do you spend a lot of time reading on your mobile? Then you may want to apply this small setting in the settings to activate the reading mode automatically for a certain period of time.

To do this, go to Settings >> Display >> Reading mode >> Schedule. In this section you will find the options to specify for what period of time you want the Reading Mode to be activated. A setting that will be applied automatically every day.

Alternatively, you can use the option to activate it automatically after sunset. To do this, you must enable the “Night reading” option. In this case, you will see that you will be asked for permission to access your location. And of course, you can always activate Reading Mode from the Control Centre.

10. Choose Any Sound Or Music From Your Phone As An Alarm

While MIUI offers you an interesting assortment of alarm tones, you may want to set your favourite song or any sound you like to wake you up.

If you have the sound or music you want on your phone, you can set it as the default ringtone for your alarm. Just go to Settings >> Sound & Vibration >> Alarm >> Choose a local ringtone. Depending on the location of your sound, you can choose Recorder, File Manager or Music.

Once you choose the song or sound you like, click “Apply”, confirm your action with “OK” and you will have it as your alarm ringtone.

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