12 Rules And Tips To Become A Better Bettor

When you start out in sports betting, you are driven by your passion for sports and the desire to make a profit. But, like any beginner, you can’t quite figure out what to do next or how to proceed when you run into a problem. Don’t worry! There are plenty of punters who have been betting for years and still can’t quite figure out what the core is that differentiates a good punter from the rest.

So that you don’t end up betting for anything and just losing your money, we’ve put together the 12 best rules and tips that will help you become a more inspired bettor. And most importantly, you should visit this sports 먹튀검증 platform to find some safest websites to place your bets online!

Build a bankroll

Your budget starts with your first deposit, and from there it’s up to you and your inspiration to grow it. The main rule when it comes to bankroll management is not to bet chaotically. Try to bet in proportion to your budget. This means that, as a rule, it is not advisable to bet more than 15-20% on a single bet.

Play single bets often

The more events on a ticket, the lower your chances of winning. When you want a long-term profit, it is best to bet on single bets. This way, you will rely more on your knowledge and less on luck.

Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose

Sports betting should be primarily a form of entertainment and only then a secondary income opportunity. Don’t sell yourself illusions that you will get rich from this field if you bet bigger and bigger amounts. If you start spending money that is not allocated to your monthly betting budget on tickets, then you might have a gambling addiction problem. One that needs to be treated seriously.

Don’t play catch-up

No matter how good a gambler is, they will always have bad periods where nothing sticks. At that time, the best thing to do is to take a break from gambling. If you try to gamble to make up for what you lost on the day, chances are you’ll lose, even more, considering the fact that you’re probably very nervous and no longer judge clearly.

Find the right bookmakers for you

There are plenty of licensed online operators in Romania to choose from. Search and find the bookmaker that will have the most markets on the events you usually bet on. See also which offers the possibility of cash-out or which will attract you with a welcome bonus as consistent.

Take advantage of the bonuses offered

And while we’re on the subject of substantial bonuses, you should also take advantage of the promotions that bookmakers frequently organize. They represent an opportunity to earn a little extra and increase your balance. Unibet, Superbet or Betano offer some of the most interesting bonuses and promotions.

Odds don’t always tell the truth

Odds don’t always show the reality on the field, so it’s not advisable to always hang on to favourites, thinking that if they have low odds, the bet is 100% “safe”. Try to do your own analysis and see if there is a major difference between what you think and the odds offered by bookmakers. This applies especially to live betting, especially if you also watch the event.

Don’t place bets on what you don’t know

It often feels like we’re itching to bet on something, anything, especially when it’s not football, tennis or basketball. But if we bet on sports we don’t know, we’re just taking our chances. Without any match preparation beforehand, it’s unlikely that in the long run, we’ll come out on top.

Don’t bet just for the sake of betting

This aspect happens when we don’t know what to bet on a match, but we want to see it and, to make it more interesting, we need to have a bet placed. You may think at first that it won’t happen often, but over time it tends to become a habit. One that is not at all profitable.

Use betting strategies

Whether we’re talking about a daily 2 odds or thinking about other strategies, the important thing is to bet with a certain plan in mind. However, it’s also vital to realise that no strategy can magically become a winner. We need to invest time, energy and resources to increase our chances.

It’s not necessary to bet every day

Take some days off without thinking about which match you should bet on today. Your brain needs rest, days when the term “betting” should not exist. This way, you can give yourself a reset, especially after a bad period, and start fresh.

Keeps track of bets

To better realise how much you are over/under or which markets bring you the best profit, the best advice is to keep a betting book. You can easily do it in a Google sheet, where you will record all your bets placed. At the end of the month/quarter/year, you can draw a line to see how you did and what you need to change.

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