4 Best Apps To Listen To Music Offline On Your Phone

Those of you who don’t give up listening to music whenever you have the opportunity, whether it’s on the commute to work or while waiting in line at the checkout counter, will enjoy our tips today about some of the best apps that allow you to listen to music offline on your mobile phone.

These apps are perfect for when you want to save battery and need to disable mobile data, or when you are in a place with an unstable internet signal. See below what they are:

1. Spotify

This popular music app allows the user to create personalized playlists, follow the lyrics, share your favorite tracks with friends, and of course, listen to music even when you are offline. On the road and don’t want to miss out on your favorite hits? Then use Spotify to your advantage.

To be able to listen to tracks offline, you must be a subscriber to the platform – the monthly prices range from $9.90 for the university plan and go up to $34.90, which is the cost of the family plan. 

To listen to songs offline, you will have to search for the album or track in question and download that song to your device. Just tap the three little dots, which are located in the upper right corner, right next to the name of the song. Then click “Add to Playlist” and check the download option.

To listen to the tracks you have downloaded, go to “Your Library” and then to “Downloaded”. The app is available for Android and iOS users.

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2. Soundcloud

Another well-known when it comes to listening to music online, Soundcloud allows users to listen to music offline for free, without having to take out a subscription. Similar to what happens on Spotify, here too you need to go to the three dots next to the song and select the “Add to Playlist” option. 

Then just click on the song that has been added to your playlist and tap the play track at the bottom of the screen. When you do this, the application will display a new playback track – the key is to tap on the heart icon and wait for the title to play to the end and then download the song.

The Soundcloud app allows the user to make playlists, search for specific songs or artists, and even interact with other users by commenting on the lyrics. Cool, right? As it is a free platform, the navigability is not as improved as in other applications, but it is nothing that interferes with the user experience.

Soundcloud is available for Android and iOS devices.

3. Deezer

Another classic among music apps, Deezer is a platform that also allows its users to listen to music even when they are offline, but just like Spotify, you need to be a subscriber to have access to this feature – monthly plans start at $19.90 for the individual version and can reach up to $34.90 for the family version.

The platform offers extra features to users, such as song lyrics, an indication of tracks and content, and even online radio, for the more nostalgic. To listen to any material offline, you need to download the chosen tracks.

Downloading music on Deezer follows the same script as the other apps: first, you need to tap the three dots next to the track name; then, choose the “Add to Playlist” option; after that, you need to go to the list created and tap “Download”. All downloaded tracks can be accessed in the “Favorites” tab.

Deezer can be installed on cell phones with Android and iOS operating systems.

4. YouTube Premium

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YouTube Premium also allows users to download music to listen to offline on their cell phones. You just need to choose the “Download” option, which is located below the chosen video. After that, the downloaded tracks can be accessed when you go to the “Library” tab in the “Downloads” folder.

One big advantage of subscribing to YouTube Premium is that you do not have to watch ads while the clips are playing. In addition, users also have access to YouTube Music, which allows users to download music to be listened to offline.

Monthly subscription prices range from $12.50 to $31.90. The YouTube Music application can be installed on devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

See how simple it is to listen to music offline on your cell phone? Now all you have to do is choose the app that suits you best and download your favorite hits.

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