4 Essential Tips For Brands On Twitter

With 353 million monthly active users, twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms for brands and businesses over the last few years because of its huge market potential. As a brand, it may seem simple with so many accounts and followers but honestly it is not. If your brand has never used social media before you may be faced with an unexpected challenge when using twitter, so if you want to be successful on the twitter app, here are 4 important tips that you need to know. 

Engage with your followers

Twitter allows you to connect to your audience in a quick and simple way which is good for boosting engagement around your brand. Invite your followers into your life and get personal, but not too personal. This is good because talking about business only tends to be boring.

Attempt to grip your audience’s attention by discussing multiple different things. Alternatively, you could use an organic growth service such as Twesocial, which will handle everything from reaching out and engaging with users, to deciding when to post content. Another good idea is to share and comment on other users tweets and threads. By engaging, you build a solid relationship with your audience and it will make them more inclined to support your brand.

Have business goals

It is very important to have business goals because you don’t want to start using twitter without establishing a reason why you are using the platform. You need to know why your business is on twitter and you also need to determine whether or not you are achieving your goals on twitter.

Good goals to have include:

Building your brand.

  • Building awareness of your service/product
  • Making sales
  • Gaining customers. Gaining customers, using tools that can help you to buy Twitter followers and expand your customer count.
  • Directing customers to your website
  • Defining your goals helps you track your success.

Make sure you have a good profile

Having an appealing twitter profile is important because your twitter profile is the first thing people check out before they follow you. The very first thing you need to do is create a good, recognizable and easy to remember handle that is short so that people can tag you. Using your real name is the most beneficial. If you are using twitter for business or branding, do not use a name that is different from your business or brand. This will confuse your followers and make you hard to find when people want to search you. Avoid using numbers or punctuation marks. The shorter the better. With a short name you are likely to get more mentions.

Another tip is to make sure you have a good, recognizable profile picture. If you can, make your profile picture your brand or business logo to boost brand awareness. Every time you get engagement, users will become more familiar with your logo and will be able to spot it off twitter as well which is a positive. Make sure your logo is simple.

If you are using your twitter account for branding, you should use a professional headshot as your profile picture. Twitter also provides a header space that is a good tool to use to spread brand awareness.

Lastly make sure you have a good bio. Twitter provides 160 characters for you to explain your brand.  Explain who you are and what you do.

A few tips when creating a bio:

  • Tell people accurately who your brand is.
  • Use personality or humour.
  • List your accomplishments.
  • Write a bio for your target audience.
  • Add hashtags.
  • Tag other brands.

It’s not the best place for hard selling

Twitter is not the place for hard selling which is aggressively selling or advertising. Instead twitter is a place to engage with your customers and target new audiences. The aim is always to attract more customers instead of bombarding them with an aggressive sales techniques. You have to be willing to be creative and try to find the best ways to get more followers.

Overall twitter is a brilliant platform that can benefit your brand if used correctly. If you master the twitter use, you can connect to new audiences, grow your brand rapidly and reach your branding goals and objectives. Keep in mind when using twitter that things move faster on this platform than on any other social media network. The lifespan of 1 tweet is a few minutes with 7000 new tweets generated every second so be creative and impactful when you engage.

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