5 Best Android Podcast Apps Of 2022

If you’re hooked on a popular podcast or are thinking about starting a new one, you aren’t alone. More Americans are listening to at least one podcast every month, a trend that only increased in 2020, according to a survey from Edison One and Triton Digital.

Whether you’re on your daily run, commuting to work, or simply relaxing at home, a great podcast can take you on an audio journey through politics, entertainment, comedy, literature, and more. Podcasts cover all genres, so whether you’re seeking a news update or want to get into true crime, there’s likely something out there for you.

There are many services that offer access to a wide range of podcasts, including several free apps and a few subscription platforms that even include exclusive programming. To help you get started, we’ve selected a few of the best apps you can use to listen to podcasts right now on a variety of devices, brought to you by online casino canada.

1 – Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is my favorite podcast app. It’s packed with features but remains easy and intuitive to use, and most importantly, it’s free. It’s simple to find the podcasts you’re looking for, thanks to an easy-to-navigate interface that lets you browse through recommendations, subscribe, or listen directly. Episodes can be organized by season and downloaded manually or automatically to be played offline. It also comes with everything you can possibly need when listening, such as speed controls, silence trimming, a volume booster, and even a sleep timer.

2 – PodBean

PodBean is one of the most popular podcast apps thanks to its unique features. In addition to offering similar options to its rivals, two of its features are pretty special compared to the competition. The first is intelligent playback speed, which can automatically be adjusted based on the content you’re listening to, instead of having to do it manually for each episode.

This is particularly handy if you listen to podcasts from various hosts with different speaking speeds. The second is the ability to listen to live podcasts and interact in real time instead of listening after they’ve been recorded and edited.

3 – Castbox

Castbox is similar to PodBean in the sense that it’s packed with features. I personally find its interface a bit complex to navigate, and the ads in the free version can be annoying. Despite these drawbacks, the app has a lot to offer. Castbox is not only a podcast playback app; it’s a true community of listeners who can comment and interact with each other and even record their own podcast directly from the app. Similarly, it’s a great way to find customized recommendations of what to listen to. The free version limits your subscriptions to 100, but that is more than enough for the average Joe.

4 – Google Podcasts

If you’re too busy to think about which app to use, Google Podcasts is a reliable option. It makes it easy to subscribe to podcasts and listen to them without necessarily having to subscribe first. It also provides intelligent recommendations based on what you follow and might be interested in. Sadly, it’s not the best app for browsing various options, both because it can’t group episodes by seasons and because its built-in search isn’t reliable, which is ironic for a Google app. It often returns inconsistent results, and there is no option to search for episodes within a podcast series itself. As someone who mostly listens to podcasts broken down into seasons, I struggle every time to find the right one, yet it remains one of the best apps for podcasts on Android, which is the most popular devices for real money online pokies ‘ users.

5 – Spotify

If you already use Spotify to listen to music, you’ll probably appreciate using a single app for various needs. That being said, the features are relatively limited, especially when it comes to finding what to listen to, as the app doesn’t provide smart recommendations but rather lists a curated selection.

Some people may also find it confusing to mix music and podcasts in their library or when browsing for options. There is also no support for seasons, which makes it even harder to find the proper episode.

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