5 Best Apps For Instagram

In today’s world, many users dream of blogging on Instagram. And the first problem they face is editing photo and video content. This article tells you about the best apps for Instagram to get the most out of this social network.

Instagram has long migrated from a simple photo-sharing app to a money-making tool. Many big bloggers have contracts with celebrity companies and promote them. After looking at content from celebrities, it’s willy-nilly a question of making sure you don’t slap your face. The quality of the pictures should be if not at the same level, then at least aspiring to it. In this list, we gather some of the best Instagram apps to get the most out of this social account.

Especially to make your shots seem even better and the quality of your storied images does not cause a “goggle” reaction, we’ve made a selection of the best Instagram content apps for you.

I’ve been using Instagram since 2014 and have tried different approaches to organising content on this social network. After many years, I have found that the only right solution is to keep the photos I want to keep there for years to come and to post-life as it is in the stories.

It’s a kind of personal album. Of course, already now the photos from 2014 look low quality and not competitive with other beautiful profiles. However, it doesn’t embarrass me, as everyone is approaching the issue solely from his or her own point of view. By the way, I recently wrote about why you shouldn’t take many photos when travelling. I recommend paying attention to the post.


A simple photo editor for Instagram

The Snapseed app is a simple, intuitive photo editor with a great set of photo editing tools. This app is great for those who have never worked with photos before. Once you open the editor, it will greet you with three tabs: Styles, Tools and Export.

Inside the Styles section, you’ll find a huge number of filters. While they’re not editable, you can save your settings so that the next time you edit, you can choose from templates you’ve already prepared.

The tools in Snapseed include cropping, rotating the image, double exposures, adding text and more. At the same time, each tool can lend itself to editing, which is very handy.

Get this app →here.

TouchRetouch app

How to remove an unwanted object from a photo

The TouchRetouch app allows you to remove unnecessary objects from a photo. I saw this app about two years ago and kept thinking about getting it. But I could not get my hands on it. About a month ago, I finally got it and I am so glad I did. I learned how to use it in literally two days. Moreover, there are tutorial videos, with which the work becomes even easier.

There are a few basic tools: lasso, brush, eraser and cloning. But let’s not forget that the main function is to remove unnecessary objects. In order to do this, you’ll need to follow the instructions:

  • Open a photo in the application.
  • Choose the Object tool and select the desired item.
  • For your convenience, use the magnifier for more precise deletion
  • Then press the Go button
  • View the finished version
  • If you are not satisfied with it, there are more precise tools (Lasso, Brush, Eraser)
  • Done

Get this app →here.


App for selfies

FaceTune is a real godsend for selfie-taking. With the app’s settings, you can do wondrous things to your face. You won’t have to deal with the app for long, because all the tools you need are at the bottom and very easy to understand. In a couple of minutes, you’ll be able to edit your photos.

“Frame” your photo, “Whiten” your teeth, “Soften” your acne that’s suddenly appeared on your face, and a whole lot more. One of the main advantages is the possibility to upload photos not only from the gallery but also from the cloud. You can also upload the app to any social networking site, including Instagram.

Get this app →here.


Story app

Canva is an online web design service that allows users to create graphic headlines and design Instagram pages. I think everyone has seen the beautifully designed covers of ‘timeless stories on famous Instagram accounts. Canva exists for exactly that purpose.

A library of over 70,000 ready-made templates, each of which can be customised. You can change colours, insert filters, change the background to custom, insert text or music. Templates in Canva have a unique design and consist of several elements: background, text, additional image and more. In addition to photos, you can also edit videos. If you haven’t done any video editing before, I recommend checking out our article about the best video editors. Also, you should use a background remover app to make good vidoes and publish it on your social accounts.

Get this app →here.

VSCO app

A photo editor app

No selection of software for Instagram can do without the VSCO app. The app is not only a versatile editor but also a great camera with which you can take really good shots.

So, I suggest that you take your photography seriously from the outset and choose your ISO and white balance before you take the photo so you don’t have to edit it afterwards. This way you’ll be able to preserve the quality better. The entire VSCO interface is divided into several tabs: Profile, Photo Ribbon, Library, and Filter Store.

All photos are automatically uploaded to the Library. It’s also possible to add individual frames to Favorites so you don’t lose sight of your best shots. As for photo editing, the app offers 20 free filters, with the rest available on a subscription basis.

But that’s not why users love the app. VSCO has a number of exclusive tools available only here. Of these, Fade and Shadows/Highlights Tint are particularly notable, which are not available in other editors.

Get this app →here.

That ends this list of best apps for Instagram users. We hope that they like these applications. Make sure to drop your comments below!

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