5 Best Strategies to Get More Plays on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the ultimate platform for musicians of all sorts, podcasters, and other artists of the music industry. With approximately 80 million monthly active users, SoundCloud has become the steppingstone to popularity for many renowned artists. Several artists started their journey from this platform, gained huge recognition, and grew their music careers with maximum user engagement.

Many artists, musicians, and creators are creating their profiles on SoundCloud to promote their work to a wider audience and have a growing career in the music industry. The increasing competition is making it challenging to receive sufficient plays and potential listeners.

In this post, you’ll discover 5 most effective strategies to get more plays on SoundCloud and provide boosted exposure to your track.

1. Create interesting and quality music

The most crucial step to getting more SoundCloud plays is creating high-quality and interesting music that is worth listening to and following. All other strategies will be useless if your content doesn’t have the power to hold the audience and stand out from the competition. Moreover, quality music is more likely to attract and engage a wider audience.

Create music with professional mixing and upload each new track at least monthly. This will create listeners’ interest in your profile and make them follow you. They know that they will find something unique and more engaging regularly.

2. Interact with listeners who already engage with your tracks

It is good to target new users to expand your follower base but don’t forget to show appreciation to users who are already engaging with you. If any user has listened to some of your songs earlier and shows active engagement with them, they are more likely to listen to your new releases.

Convert those users into loyal and lifelong fans by thanking them for their engagement. Access the list of top listeners by checking your SoundCloud Insights tab in your account. Message prospects who have not currently subscribed to your SoundCloud channel. Appreciate them for their support and ask them to subscribe to you to get notified for your upcoming release.

3. Get the most out of SoundCloud’s powerful tagging mechanism

All trending tracks on SoundCloud are directly or indirectly linked with each other. This is possible due to the tagging mechanism of this leading music platform. Adding popular tags to your track helps SoundCloud’s algorithm to send your song to different sections of SoundCloud –Recommended, Search, and Related sections.

Tagging your music with pertinent genres (avoid using multiple irrelevant genres) makes your content discoverable for listeners and helps the algorithm to present it to the appropriate listeners. Consider the main genre, relevant sub-genres, and vibe when tagging your track.

Add location, mood, and bpm in the tags section and try to keep them targeted. Don’t create your own tags, instead use the popular ones. You can include additional details only via tags. Find popular tags online and use those that have excellent user engagement.

Improving the visibility of your track in these three crucial sections will allow more listeners to more easily and quickly discover and enjoy your track. As more listeners will come to your tracks, they are likely to listen to them, thereby increasing the play count.

4. Buy plays on SoundCloud from legitimate sites

The allure of purchasing SoundCloud plays is making more artists buy SoundCloud plays and get noticed by potential audiences, labels, and record companies. The real plays from active users will bring the attention of listeners and make them find the music worth listening to. It improves the authenticity and credibility of an artist and their content among listeners and SoundCloud’s algorithm.

By increasing play count with real plays, you can experience multiple benefits like –

  • Improve social proof by making listeners believe that the content is valuable and played by lots of real people.
  • Boost credibility and popularity in the music industry.
  • Reach a wider audience and increase user interaction by attracting people’s attention.
  • Potentially give your tracks and SoundCloud profile more visibility, leading to more organic plays and growth.
  • Probably puts you in a likely position to become popular.
  • Build and grow your community on social media platforms as more people will get to know about you in the long run.
  • You will gain more organic followers in the long run.
  • Buying SoundCloud plays will get your track trending within a shorter period and build your brand image.

Buying SoundCloud plays from Buy Quality Likes, a reliable and legitimate website guarantees 100% authentic and quality plays that are created by real users. Thus, there is no risk of getting suspended by the platform. Moreover, purchasing real plays is 100% safe and legal. And, the best part is that you will get a money-back guarantee and increasing engagement forever.

5. Submit your tracks to other platforms online

Sharing your tracks with other platforms online can boost its exposure in the broader internet world and help bring new organic plays and traffic. Distribute your tracks to other music streaming websites like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and others. You can either use a music distribution service or upload your tracks manually.

Not just on streaming platforms but you can share your songs on widely used music websites in your pertinent niche. For example, high-traffic music blogs, music news outlets, and others to reach a new audience. Leverage email marketing strategy and send an outreach mail to your prospects and request them to share your SoundCloud tracks with their users.

Rounding up

By implementing these five proven strategies, you can increase your play count on SoundCloud and engage with your community. Remember that working hard and having some patience are vital keys to success. Though these strategies are helpful in providing more recognition to your tracks, stay updated with new tactics as SoundCloud guidelines and algorithms are subject to change. So, keep experimenting with new techniques ensuring they don’t go against the terms of service of SoundCloud.

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