5 Best Student Planner Apps For Android

You may have heard that Australian people are slightly relaxed and easy-going. However, what you may not know is that they are also attentive to their daily routine. No wonder that students in Australia tend to use some mobile apps to manage all the assignments they have.

When the assignments pile up, it becomes hard to monitor which one is due next. Managing all subjects and extracurricular activities can seem unimaginable. Is there anyone who never forgot about the task right up to the finishing date? Seems unlikely. You can turn to EssayHub write essays for money in case the deadline is approaching. This makes overseeing all tasks easier since some of them are delegated to a professional writing team. Concentrating on the essential responsibilities, having fun, and meeting friends become easier with help.

Why Do You Need the best planner app Android

The first reason is convenience. How often do you take your phone with you? I guess, pretty often or even all the time. The second reason is that planning is key to the successful completion of the tasks. Nobody likes to give it away halfway. Such apps are beneficial in terms of the organization of the task of different types. Also, you should check on this site to find some entertainment games.

This article presents five planner apps, and each of these deserves the name of the best planner app.

Student Planner – best planner for college students

A program is compatible with any Android model. The only disadvantage is that this planning app cannot be synchronized with any other device. The interface of the Student Planner is comprehensive and straightforward. Here are the significant features that will improve your daily student routine:

  • Opportunity to create a schedule and manage it on-the-go.
  • You can add/edit some tasks if you need them.
  • There is a reminder feature.

My Study Life – manage your studies online

This best planner for college students is pure gold! It should be noted that the developers did a good lurk, as there are both mobile and desktop versions. Isn’t that great? The program allows you to set the goals. So, there are no cards with the tasks, only purposes. You can see the lists of the completed tasks to measure the progress. There are several useful options:

  • You will store all the tasks you receive on the cloud. It is convenient and safe.
  • There is a reminder option – so, you can receive the notifications, if you miss the deadline or did not finish some assignment yet. Also, the app notifies about the upcoming classes, courses, or exams.
  • You can organize the classes with the help of a day/week rotation.

School Planner – best daily planner app

Today, school kids in Australia receive so many assignments that it is easy to go crazy. Maybe you are one of those who likes to ask himself: who can help me with my assignment? Homework help does have a variety of forms when it comes to online apps and services. For instance, a School Planner develops your self-discipline to help you deal with that assignment. The app is user-friendly, so you will enjoy using it. Here the options that will interest you:

  • You can store all data on Google Drive
  • Timetable customization features
  • You receive reports every week.
  • There is a calendar view.
  • You can record the lectures of your teachers
  • Widget support is available.

Egenda for a proper assignment organization

The best agendas for college are easy with Egenda! What makes this program an ace choice is that you can see all the subject tasks for a month or week period. Therefore, it is easier to prepare your schedule in advance and arrange the goals wisely. The only downside of the Egenda is that it does not offer a reminder feature. However, it does offer many other useful options:

  • Use the app to control all your tasks, goals, and projects.
  • You receive a reminder regarding the activities of the next day.
  • You can sort out the information based on the deadlines, lessons, and completed work.

ChalkBoard – help with homework

This simple program can change the way you perceive planning. ChalkBoard works as an online timetable: your job is to fill in the slots with the name of the subject and corresponding teacher.

On the homepage, you will see the upcoming classes, while the Event tab demonstrates the tasks/projects that are yet to come. If you need to add an assignment, find the subject, and use the pop-up menu for this. Note that there is no calendar, though. Check out the features ChalkBoard offers:

  • You can use the program offline and online.
  • You will receive notifications about the unfinished home tasks.
  • The program reminds about both upcoming and current classes.
  • You receive the reminders about the deadlines.
  • You don’t have to create a personal account to start using ChalkBoard.

ChalkBoard, School Planner, Student Planner, Egenda, and My Study Life are great Android tools to improve one’s organizational skills. Students’ life is an ideal time to learn to take control of different spheres of one’s life. Besides, such programs will boost your motivation as you will see your actual progress and little victories.

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