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Think of the early Nokia phones and you’ll laugh at their simplicity. Today’s equivalent devices are used for so much more than calls and text messages – including playing games. The convenience of being able to game anywhere we are, anytime we like, has ushered in significant industrial change. Mobile gaming is estimated to be worth over $100 billion by 2021. Already, it’s more popular than PC and console gaming.

Game developers are investing an increasing amount of time and money into mobile games. As such, there’s fierce competition in the industry, with hundreds of titles being released every week. The real winners are gamers themselves – never before has there been so much choice and quality on offer for so little.

Below are some of the best games you can play on your phone whether you’re travelling home on the subway or putting your feet up on the sofa.

The Escapists (1 and 2)

It’s not often you’ll find a game jailbreak theme, and then two come along at once. These are sandbox games, and, basically, the makers have concentrated more on the gameplay than on the animation of the characters themselves – much to the players’ benefit.

The object of the game is to break out of jail, of course but in the meantime, you must be the model prisoner and follow the rules. You’ll go around collecting weapons and materials for the great escape and hatching your plan — all of which you must keep away from the watchful eyes of the prison staff — and eventually use them break out of the prison. Then your goal is to avoid being captured.

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The Escapists 2 is much like the first game, only the visuals are a little sharper and the prisons bigger. Don’t worry about which one you play first as there’s no real story – just dive in and start having fun.

Mobile casino

Online gambling is big business these days – with a variety of games to play from your smartphone. If you like a flutter from time to time, you might fancy playing mobile casino. Mobile casino gives you access to classic games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. These games aren’t just your average 2D casino games – they deliver high-quality gameplay with immersive video and audio, amounting to a hugely engaging gaming experience.

As well as the casino favourites, there’s also a range of immersive slot games available in a rich variety of themes. Perhaps you prefer a touch of nostalgia and fancy the Nightmare on Elm Street video slot, where iconic 80s slasher Freddie Kruger chases you all the way to the jackpot. Or maybe you fancy chasing the leprechaun in the Irish-themed Irish Riches – a 5 reel slot with a large pot of gold at the end if you win the jackpot.

There’s something for all tastes, as you’ll see when playing here at one of the best mobile casino operators.


Download this app and you can be a part of the worldwide community that of Minecraft fanatics. The game transports you into a huge world where you spend your time digging holes and collecting blocks to build things — and what a world it is!

With these blocks, you can do all sorts of activities, from building tiny little huts to huge great palaces and landmarks — but only if you have enough blocks. The game throws in extras such as ghosts, zombies, and other features so that the game never gets boring. In fact, it’s been credited with getting children interested in Robert Louis Stevenson’s books, which the game is based on.

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This sandbox game has a creative mode, which supplies you with unlimited amounts of everything, and a survival mode, which forces you to mine resources for yourself. Game updates are delivered regularly, so look forward to heaps of new content when you download it.

Real Racing 3


If you want to put pedal to the metal in your spare time but safely so, download Real Racing 3. EA Games make regular updates to the game, whether that’s adding new cars to races, adding new features to racing cars or making improvements or fixes in the functionality of the game.

EA Games pride themselves on making one of the best mobile racing games on the planet. That means they’ve created a variety of different ways to customize the game, and there’s also a multiplayer option so you can battle it out against your friends or settle any disputes on the track. You can also enter different events, such as NASCAR races and the legendary Le Mans. You won’t ever tire of playing Real Racing, and, best of all, it’s completely free.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBS)

The makers of this title certainly weren’t messing around when they created this one. You’ll feel the adrenaline course through your veins when you play this intense shoot-‘em-up. You and 99 other players all parachute into a location, collect weapons and shoot it out till one of you is the last player standing. Survival in the game isn’t just about nimble fingers on the keypad, but also smart, strategic play. Like many other games, the makers welcome content from players, and they consider feedback from the community when developing the game further.

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PUBS is just over a year old and already has a popular following. The game’s developer, PUBG Corporation, and the publisher, Tencent, have recognized this, and have set up a year-long tournament around the game. The tournament is open virtually worldwide and is split into the Spring Split and the Fall Split. Each split has global finals, and the teams will compete by region beforehand. The top teams from each region will receive an invitation to compete in the finals. The prize pool for the tournament is $2 million.


Whether you’re enjoying the thrills and spills of a flutter in an online casino; digging and building something majestic in Minecraft; racing around at breakneck speeds on a virtual racing circuit; plotting a daring jailbreak in The Escapists; or shooting it out to the death in PUBS, the games world will be doing its very best to deliver engaging mobile games and a superb experience. Gamers have never had it as good as they have it today – so make the most of this golden era.

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