5 Global Hotspots for Online Gambling

In the past few years, online gambling has grown in popularity worldwide. There are multiple reasons for this. The gambling industry and its players have significantly benefited from this transformation towards a more digital-orientated gaming experience. Perhaps the most apparent reason for the ever-increasing amount of people opting for online play is accessibility and convenience. The smartphone has made playing online more accessible than ever. It is now possible to place a bet on anything from pretty much anywhere at any time. But most importantly, players no longer have to travel to particular places to get access to the best casinos.

There are some great benefits from the increase in online playing. For example, players online can often receive rewards, bonuses, and VIP schemes that physical casinos would not be able to offer. CanadianCasino puts bonus offers for top Canadian online casinos all in one place. Digital play also offers a sense of community between fellow players and the option of playing with anyone from around the world in various ways. Considering these aspects, here are some examples of gambling hotspots worldwide.

United Kingdom

The UK is the biggest market for online gambling by far, with revenue reaching over $12 billion. The UK has also been in the lead regarding regulating gambling and ensuring player safety. Since the Gambling Act of 2005, gambling in the UK has been well protected from crime, keeps a close watch on ensuring fair play, and protects the potentially vulnerable. Previously, the US was the largest market for online gambling. Still, the UK has overtaken the US regarding overall revenue generated through online playing, even with more protections in place.

United States

The United States has always had a large gambling community; the online revolution has only expanded this. The overall revenue in the US recently hit over $10 billion. Players in the US tend to favour classic casino games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette. However, sports betting is also prevalent in the US and has increased in popularity with the digital revolution in gambling.


Canada is undoubtedly a significant hotspot for online gambling. The overall gambling revenue has reached over $2.5 billion.  Canadian players often have access to some of the best bonuses and rewards. Much like in the US, popular games among Canadian players are classic casino games. Live dealer games are also massively popular in Canada and offer a hybrid between online and the real casino experience.


The popularity of online gambling in Australia has rocketed over the past few years, with an estimated 80% of its population participating in some online gambling. The frequency of those taking part in online gambling has increased in Australia due to things like the covid-19 pandemic that encouraged people to spend more time online. But further, the popularity of sports and pub culture, much like in the UK, increases the popularity of online betting.


Japan is considered to be the home of gambling in the far east. Many countries in Asia have imposed strict regulations on the gambling industry. In Japan, casinos are still highly regulated and must comply with strict safety standards. Despite this, the Japanese population still spends over $18 million a year, and online gambling is hugely popular across its society. The most popular forms of online gambling in Japan are sports betting but casino games are also widely popular.


With smartphones making sports betting and casino games easily accessible and convenient, it is no wonder that online gambling is becoming more popular all over the globe. Players from around the world can enjoy the gambling experience wherever they are. The pandemic was also responsible for the increase in the popularity of online gambling. While the bricks and mortar elements of the gambling industry may have suffered due to a lack of footfall, the digital side grew exponentially. It is also the case that online gambling provides more equality of opportunity in the gambling world.

Physically going to a casino is something that only some can afford to do, and many need more time to indulge in such luxury. However, anyone can play online due to the wide range of games and budget options. Plus, the regulations placed upon online gambling, especially those set out by the UK, help to keep this element of fairness within the digital sphere and boost the industry’s overall health.

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