5 Luxury Watches From Fashion Houses To Drool On

A watch is one of the few timeless accessories. You can pair it with any outfit, and it’s one of those things you’ll miss when you’re not wearing it. The watch industry is a billion-dollar industry, and players abound, from luxury to run-of-the-mill brands. Watches have been part of people’s lives, and so there is a demand for it in every generation.

Collecting watches is a thing, and more and more people go into it every year. But for most people, they would only have one or two important watches in their lives. In this article, we’ve collated some of the most luxurious watches from fashion houses all over the world:

Bvlgari Diagono

The Bvlgari Diagono is no longer made, but there is still much of it in the wild. Bvlgari has been more focused on the Serpenti line these days, but the Diagono is arguably some of the best watches that the luxury brand has ever created. The X-Pro model, which was only released in 2010, has all the good things going for it in a top of the line, eyebrow-raising luxury timepiece.

The case itself comprises 104 separate, individual pieces, with a three-part case: bezel, middle, and caseback. Looks-wise, the Diagono looks like Hublot’s Big Bang watch but combined with a different aesthetic. It’s a chunky watch at 45mm, but materials are opulent – titanium, stainless steel, and sapphire crystal. You can’t go wrong wearing this watch, that much is true!

Dior Grand Bal Plume

If there’s a watch that’s runway-ready, it’s the Dior Grand Bal Plume. The 36mm watch is made of polished stainless steel, with an antireflective sapphire crystal and a steel crown. It’s the perfect ladies’ watch, and the watch’s colors are refined to look subtle and elegant with any dress. In fact, the Grand Bal Plume is made to look like it’s part of a Dior dress.

It features an automatic movement under the hood, the Dior Inverse caliber with a 42-hour power reserve. The white powdered dial is as elegant as any, a mother of pearl number that’s reminiscent of Grand Seiko’s famous snow dial. It’s water-resistant up to 50m. It will not survive with a light dive, but it is great for poolside parties and such. Lastly, the black alligator strap and steel in buckle take the watch into another level.

Chanel Calibre 1

The Calibre 1 is the testament to Chanel’s dedication for watchmaking. It debuted in 2011, after a few years of the luxury brand’s acquisition of a small watchmaker, to focus on its watch division. The Calibre 1 results from that collaboration, and it features a rather complicated instant jumping hour, retrograde minutes, and small seconds.

The Calibre 1 is unadorned for a Chanel watch, but the watch still screams luxury and decadence even without the extra accouterments. It’s the perfect everyday watch if you like it to be, but it can also be a great accessory for a little black dress, even a cocktail one if that’s your jam.

Hermes Arceau Petite Lune

To say that the Arceau Petite Lune is a successful watch is understating its beast of features. The self-winding watch – yes, you’ve read that right, fashion brand Hermes has successfully manufactured a watch with a self-winding movement – is paired with by a moon phase module. And although some purists would say that the moon phase complication is one of the least used, it still is a significant feature to have in a timepiece.

The Arabic letters are skewed whimsically, with the dial set in bright white. The bezel is lined with precious jewels, and the deep blue of the moon phase complication is the only splash of color you can find on the watch. The white leather with a raw beige under color takes the aesthetic home – refined, elegant, whimsical.

Chopard Red Carpet Jewellery Collection

The Chopard Red Carpet Jewellery collection is the brand’s piece de resistance for high-end accessories. It’s a cuff watch, and the dial itself is swimming in the larger and wider band that contains precious jewels. Yellow diamonds adorn the top and bottom of the cuff, with fancy-cut ones peppered all over.

The resulting piece has a devastating 59 carats of diamonds. Think about that for a minute. The dial is also a showstopper on its own: mother of pearl! Plus, the surrounding jewels lining up the bezel are also diamonds, and the whole cuff is set to white gold. Talk about lavish!


Suffice it to say that you’ll need to have some money when you are interested in acquiring these timepieces. These are not Swatch watches where you can buy anytime with no problem; these timepieces go for thousands of dollars each. As with most luxury merchandise, you are buying the brand’s prestige, exclusivity, and craftsmanship. The watch themselves should be showstoppers, too.

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