5 Must have Apps for this festive season

The festive season is around and this is the time you get to see a lot of happy faces. The restaurants will be crowded and still be offering discounts. That guy selling chilled kulfi is happy to see a crowd rubbing their hands while waiting to get that delicious treat. You feel like capturing the moment and take out your phone to get the perfect click and bamn! low battery- battery is too low to flash! or even worse – Insufficient storage.

Festive Android Apps

So here are a list of apps that you need to install in your smartphone right away to make sure that your phone doesn’t give you a stress attack in those happy moments

  1. Google Photos

Ofcourse! This may seem obvious. But I know people who are oblivious to how amazing google photos is and when its festive, google becomes even more amazing. Update your app and make sure you have appropriate sync settings. Google occasionally surprises you with a small gif, or a movie, or a collage  or some nice little snowy effect and trust me, it often becomes the sweetest thing of the day.

Its also a real saver when your phone is out of memory. When the photos are synced you can safely remove those your phone memory and still access those.

2.Greenify Battery saver

I always prefer using a native power saving mode over using apps but if your device does not have any native power saving mode, go for Greenify. It is better than the other self proclaimed top rated apps which are in themselves a huge culprit in using power.

  1. Zomato

If you are always on lookout for offers and hence zomato never found any space on your smartphone- think again. When searching restaurants on the go, zomato is the best thing. You need to have it if you hve group of friends who could barely agree on anything.


Lovely music is all you need after that awesome party on that long drive back home. You need to have this especially when the car is not yours;)

  1. Book My Show

Discover the various events in the city or in a place near you. You can book tickets to plays, sports, festivals or events.

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