6 Best Action RPG Games + Twitch Streamers You Should Follow (2022 Edition)

Best Action RPG Games + Twitch Streamers You Should Follow (2022 Edition)


Twitch streaming is an incredible and sweet job to do in 2022. Twitch streamers provide people with an alternative entertainment source and are hence considered highly among the audience. But if there is one aspect you should keep in mind, it should be that twitch streaming depends a lot on the games you play. For example- specific role-playing RPG games like genshin impact and others are played and watched by millions of people. However, while many people favor some games, not many of them watch their live streams. The best games to stream on twitch are probably RPG and battle royale or even multiplayer action games.

This can be due to lots of reasons for which people do that. One of them can be due to the nature of the game. Meaning that the game might not have a vibrant multiplayer aspect. For example- the Witcher series of games. It is highly popular but has only a single-player component. So while people may play it and talk favorably about it, they will not watch the live stream of it. Also another key factor which matters is the video quality. Things like video resolution, video bitrate, video frames per second and others matter to the viewers hence you should keep a watch on those.

Best Action RPG Games + Twitch Streamers You Should Follow (2022 Edition)

Here are some of the best action RPG games and popular twitch streamers which play them:

  1. Rivals Of Waterdeep: Rivals of Waterdeep is a 5th edition Dungeons, and Dragons show based in Chicago. The current cast consists of Shareef Jackson, Tanya DePass, Latia Jacquise, Masood Haque, Brian Gray, and Eugenio Vargas. Although they primarily stream dungeons and dragons, they occasionally stream other games. You can watch their streams live on Sundays at 12 PM CST on Twitch. They are also hosted on the official Dungeons and Dragons Twitch channel too. Not only twitch, but they also stream on Twitter, Youtube and Instagram under the same name.
  2. Dagonmar: Dagonmar is a twitch streamer who plays a variety of RPG games from Kingdom Hearts to Cyberpunk 2077. The channel is also a memorial for his dog Ghost, who passed away in 2020. Dagonmar also creates let’s play on youtube, and their latest completed series covers sucker punch productions of ‘Ghost of Tsushima’. All his streams are entertaining and funny and offer users an option to destress their minds. He can be seen playing live Monday through Thursday at 6 pm EST. LIke Waterdeep Dagonmar too streams on all platforms like twitch, youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  3. FightinCowboy: FightingCowboy is a highly popular streamer who earlier used to make walkthrough videos for the game Dark Souls Trilogy. You might have seen his walkthrough videos on youtube in case you were searching for something like that on youtube. FightinCowboy focuses on in-depth and true walkthroughs of popular RPG titles and some open-world survival games too. FightinCowboy is currently playing Bloodborne, and if you want to watch any of his previous streams, then you can do that too. Simply head over to his Youtube channel under the same name and watch the recorded videos.
Best Action RPG Games + Twitch Streamers You Should Follow (2022 Edition)
  1. Hyper RPG: Hyper RPG was founded in 2016, and it was created to push interactive live content to new heights through the concept of live streaming. Six years later, in 2022, they are now a household name in RPG game streaming. The Hyper RPG team includes Malika Lim Eubank, Zac Lim Eubank, Lucas Eubank, Adam Hlavac, Kailey Bray, and Wesley Rodriguez. Their latest RPG game is Kollok 1991, and it is a horror genre RPG game set in Washington. They can be found on Twitch and YouTube under HyperRPG and on Twitter as Hyper_RPG, respectively.
  2. Miabyte: Miabyte is the channel’s name, and the star of the show is Mia, a British transgender streamer. He creates exciting and chilling streams on Twitch. He plays various games like Warframe to genshin impact, and others. He is also a c-host for Gayming Magazine and an advocate for Trans representation on the platform. You can watch her exciting streams live on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 12 pm CST. Her channel’s name is Miabyte, and it can be found on Twitch, Youtube and Twitter.
  3. Snowlit: Snowlit is a streamer who streams a wide variety of games and focuses mainly upon action/adventure and story driven RPGs. She is a partnered Twitch streamer and hence puts chat engagements first. She can be seen playing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Demon’s Souls. Snowlit streams five to six times a week, depending upon her work commitments. You can usually catch her Live from Monday through Wednesday and Friday at 1pm EST. She also streams on Saturdays at 11am EST.


Twitch streamers play a wide variety of RPG and other games. And also each one of their streams are differentiated not only based on their game choices but their personality. Some streamers are light headed and fun while some promote walkthroughs. It is up to you what type of streams you like.

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