6 Websites for Improving Academic Writing

Writing academic papers doesn’t come easy for every student. That’s because it often involves conducting research, reviewing scholarly sources, and analyzing data. It also requires students to follow specific formatting and citation styles.

Part of writing high-scoring academic papers is adhering to grammar rules and maintaining an objective and formal tone. Besides, time constraints can increase the stress and difficulty of the writing process. Luckily, several websites can help improve academic writing. Here is a list of the top six.

Google Scholar

Writing high-quality academic papers starts with conducting extensive research on the topic. Apart from reading textbooks, researching online usually provides background information on the subject under discussion. However, not all information accessible online is credible.

That is why it’s necessary to conduct research in academic databases, and that’s where Google Scholar comes in. It allows students to find information on various areas of specialization and crucial sources that enhance writing. This site is also comprehensive and user-friendly.

Apart from helping to find relevant material for literature review, with Google Scholar, students can track citations and remain up-to-date on new research in their field of study.

Hemingway Editor

This free online editing tool catches mistakes and improves a student’s writing style by changing sentence structure and highlighting text portions that need revision. It also uses color code to highlight areas in your writing that need attention and also provides words and phrases that can be used to simplify writing.

Finally, this tool will give the text a readability score after making the edits. When it comes to academic writing, it’s always best to go for a readability score that makes your content easy to read and understand.

When using this platform, it’s best to consider the suggested revisions but let your writer’s intuition have the final say in deciding what to change and keep. It’s not always easy to create flow in an academic paper. Luckily, students can buyessay to see how a subject expert writes quality compositions.

Cite This for Me

Proper citations require meticulous attention to detail. Students must accurately record and present information about each source during the writing process. This is important because citations credit the original authors, prove that proper in-depth research was conducted, and strengthen the credibility of a student’s work.

However, creating a bibliography is tedious, especially when writing long essays. Cite This for Me simplifies the creation of bibliographies by automatically generating citations, which helps to save time and reduce potential errors. It also covers a wide range of referencing styles, ensuring that students find appropriate formats.

Wisemapping Brainstorming before writing is a valuable practice for students. It helps generate several ideas on a given topic or assignment and point to the most compelling and relevant one. But organizing thoughts can be difficult, and that’s where Wisemapping comes in.

It helps students organize their thoughts and connect concepts to create flow. To use Wisemapping, students identify the central topic for an assignment and then create branches for subtopics, including arguments, supporting evidence, or any relevant points.

Next, expand each subtopic by adding detailed information and examples. Then connect related subtopics with lines to show their relationships. Finally, move nodes around to establish logical connections or to create a more coherent structure for your writing. After you have completed your mind map, take a step back and review it. Only when you have a clear structure should you begin writing.


It’s free to use and has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand. This tool allows students to input or upload content in various formats. SmallSEOTools scans the submitted content and compares it to a vast database of web pages, articles, academic papers, and other sources available online.

In addition, it will look for similarities or matching phrases within the content. Once the plagiarism check is complete, SmallSEOTools generates a report displaying the originality percentage and highlighting any potentially plagiarized sections. It may also provide links to the sources that match the submitted content.


This is a straightforward and user-friendly platform for taking notes. It doesn’t have ads. As a result, students can quickly jot down their thoughts, ideas, or lecture notes without any distractions. Using its tagging and labeling features, students can organize their notes efficiently and assign tags to notes based on subjects, topics, or categories.

This makes it easier to search and retrieve specific information when needed. Simplenote also allows information sharing, which works in helping students gain more knowledge needed to write quality academic papers.

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