7 fun mobile games for Android

As the world of technology advances, people are constantly looking for new ways to use their smartphones. One way is by playing games on them! There are many games out there that you can play and some of them may even be free. In this article, we’ll explore seven fun mobile games that you can download and play on your Android devices.

Quiz games

Quiz games are interesting games that get you to guess the correct answer out of several possible answers. Some examples include “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and the Japanese game show “Number Quiz”.

Letterpress is a word game that challenges you to take over your opponent’s board by forming words. The winner of the game is whoever has the most points at the end of the game. The more letters in each word, the more points you get.

Trivia games

Trivia games are great games to play with friends or by yourself. You’ll be notified that it’s your turn when the game gives you a message on your screen, and you can start playing right away! Some examples of trivia games include “Heads Up!” and “QuizUp”.

Draw Something is an interesting game where you must draw a picture for another player to guess. You can be the artist or the guesser, but both roles are equally fun!


Simulators are games that make you play as if you were someone else. The best example of this is “The Sims”. You get to roleplay as people who do things like getting married, having kids, and going to work.

Arcade games

Arcade games are classic games that use a joystick-like interface. Most arcade games allow you to compete with other users around the world for high scores. One example of an arcade game is Angry Birds.

Casino games

Casino games are a fun way to wager virtual currency on the outcome of a simulated game. There are multiple types of casino games, from those that have been around for decades, such as blackjack and roulette, to new ones like keno. In some casino games, you can play with friends or family instead of playing against the computer.

There are loads of sites out there. Try searching “best USA real money casinos” and see what comes up. You’re guaranteed to find something you like.

Mental maths games

Mental maths games make you solve mathematical problems in your head. They help to develop quick thinking and increase mental agility. Some examples of mental maths games include ‘Math Battle’ and ‘Brain it On’, which were inspired by the Rubik’s cube puzzle.


Sudoku is a game where you fill in numbers into blank squares of the grid, following certain rules. The goal is to fill all 9 columns and 9 rows with digits so that each row, column, and 3×3 section contain the digits 1 through 9 only once. Bejeweled is another puzzle game where you swap two adjacent gems to form groups of three or more of the same gem. Doing this will cause them to disappear and release power-ups that can help you in the game.

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