7 Realtor Apps: Essential!


Hi Broker, are you on? If it isn’t, it should. More than ever, the internet has become our ally and, combined with technology, has provided us with great differentials on a daily basis, with emphasis on applications for realtors. 

Nowadays, there are apps for almost everything in life, and those who have already understood that this is the way to go, get ahead. Bringing this scenario to the real estate market, there are applications for realtors:

  • Make real estate partnerships
  • Advertise your properties
  • Create custom ads
  • Find the property address 
  • Calculate your commission
  • Take care of your financial health 

And hundreds of other purposes. I could write a book about it, but I’ve separated 7 apps for realtors that you need to download on your phone and insert into your routine. 

-Oh, but my cell phone doesn’t fit anymore. There are a lot of photos! 

Don’t worry; I’ll tell you an app for you to organize your photos there, too, and free up space on your phone. And I’ll start with him. Write it down! 

7 Essential App Tips for Realtors:

7 Realtor Apps

1 – Google Photos:

My friend, a realtor’s cell phone, has more photos than a photographer’s and first-time mother’s cell phone, which records absolutely everything your baby does. 

Therefore, it needs a lot of memory and, even so, it is not possible. Turn and move the phone signals you that it has no more memory for anything; imagine downloading an application. The solution for this is Google Photos, a free application from Google for you to store all your images in an organized way without the risk of losing them. 

It’s a Google app, which means security, great usability, and for all types of phones. Its free version offers 15GB of storage for photos and videos. Do you know what’s cool there too? The search. You can easily search the photos by the person in the photo and location, which is very interesting for the realtor.

The tip here is to keep everything organized in albums and, from time to time, delete old photos of properties that come out of your wallet. 

2 – Google Calendar:

Still, on Google, there’s Google Calendar, the best and most efficient desk you can have! As an efficient appointment manager, with Google Calendar, you can: 

  • Create appointments and insert other participants, inviting them and requesting presence confirmation
  • Receive notifications 10.5 minutes before your appointment
  • Create online meetings via Google Meet, with a summary of the agenda, etc.
  • Attach previous study documents, for example

All at no cost and in a simple way, with a few clicks and with the automatic assistance of your email, sending invitations to meetings, receiving confirmations of presence, and everything else. It also has it for all types of cell phones. Just download and enjoy! 

3 – For photo editing and advertisements:

 Do you have trouble creating more engaging, personalized ad art? 

Use Canva! 

It’s a free and very efficient application for those who don’t know anything about creating art, photoshop, and everything else but like to make everything beautiful, with their visual identity and more professional. 

Everything there is so simple and easy to use that you find, for example, the exact measurements of the arts for each social network:

  • Facebook cover
  • Posts on Instagram and Facebook
  • cover for event 
  • Profile picture 
  • post on Instagram 
  • invitations
  • banners
  • posters
  • cards 

Just put the image and use your creativity. A tip from those who use Canva a lot: be careful not to spend more time than you should “playing” as a designer there. The tool is great at doing that process.

4 – To scan documents:

Organizing all the property and customer documentation is a job that can and should be done digitally. Can you imagine having a physical folder for each of them? Throughout his career, this would become a veritable library of alien and useless documents. 

Save time and organization with CamScanner, an app that turns your phone’s camera into a high-quality scanner. 

Too much, isn’t it?

From wherever you are, you can do this and save time in the document organization process, which is always very thorough. It’s worth freeing up space on your phone to have one of these, literally, at hand. CamScanner has Web, iOS, and Android versions. All free! 

5 – For digital signature:

It has never been more important to have an application for realtors for this purpose, the digital signature of documents. Coming back and forth to collect the signature, take it to the notary, the bank, and everything else can take more days, depending on the distance and availability of everyone involved. 

Forget it! 

With DocuSign, you eliminate this part of the bureaucratic and essential step of the buying and selling process. 

And, between us, at this stage, everyone is already very anxious to celebrate, isn’t it? So, let’s speed up the process safely, of course. With DocuSign, you can open, sign documents and send them to anyone of interest. It has never been so easy to formalize an internet sale! 

6 – To measure environments during visits

You are showing a property, accompanying the client and his family on a visit, on another ordinary day at work, and clients begin to mentally plan the decoration of the house. 

Here we put the table, here that sofa that I fell in love with within that store…

I don’t think that sofa fits here… 

These customer chats are routine; it fills us with the hope that they are enjoying the property and that we are heading for sale, right? But, they can also become objections, and it’s really cool to be able to fight them and surprise the customer by helping him to measure the spaces of the environment. 

Air Measure can help you with that. It is a digital measuring tape, just point your cell phone at a surface and, through augmented reality, it shows the measurement. A detail that greatly improves your customer’s shopping experience. Think about it! 

7 – Real Estate System:

If you’re looking for a real estate system, don’t give up one with a mobile version, with an app for a realtor. What’s the point of having a tool with such competence and responsibility in managing your business if it only works on your computer? 

The realtor’s life is most of the day on the street, capturing or visiting the property, in banks, notaries, coming and going, back and forth. That’s also why the realtor’s life is on your cell phone, isn’t it? That’s where your real estate system should also be, in the palm of your hand. 

Take the opportunity to learn more about Microsistec’s Real Estate System which, in addition to an application for customer service so that you have full control of your business wherever and however you are, also has a sales funnel, the most efficient tool when it comes to complex sales and with long shopping journeys like those for real estate. 

In “ How to choose a system for real estate” I talked more about this, and it is very worth reading this article carefully before hiring one. Go there later!

These are 7 apps for the realtor that I highly recommend! 

Of course, I didn’t mention here the ones I already know you use and don’t give up for anything, the ones that are already part of your work routine, which are:

  • WhatsApp 
  • Google Maps
  • Your Bank’s 
  • From other banks
  • A good calculator 
  • From your social networks 

These apps I’m sure you’ve already downloaded and sweat a lot on your phone, so I’ve recommended other apps to reinforce your workforce, improve your performance and, consequently, increase your sales. 

Technology will never replace human labour, and realtor apps are a good proof of that. It will always be a tool to enhance skills, give greater and better resourcefulness to our work, optimizing our time. 

The real estate market has been very privileged in this regard, and you, the realtor, should take advantage of this factor. Real estate investments have always been profitable such as investing in blue city islamabad . Download and test applications that propose to help you. Many of them have free versions. Start with them and, when you see that they are really good for you and your day-to-day, if necessary, invest in them. 

Investing in technology work tools is investing in your business, giving it the potential to grow and develop. Think about it. What about you? Do you use any cool apps that you don’t give up on there?

Recommend us. Let’s enrich these tips together. 

Good Business.

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