7 Types of Sarees You Should definitely Own

If you like to dress up elegantly and smartly then you should always try out new attires. Talking about sarees, you have a complete world of options therein. You can find manifold sarees that are sassy, stunning and absolutely sophisticated. After all, when you pay so much attention to your health and overall makeup, why not your dressing style? Even if you wear only sarees, you could find a rich variety of options in these sarees once you dig in.

Whether Plain sarees, designer sarees, party wearing ones, casual, formal or any sort of sarees; you can get any of them as per your need. Of course, no matter what your budget is, you can find different styles, designs and textures in these sarees to choose from. After all, it is about getting a perfect type of saree collection for you to look your perfect on any occasion. However, there are 7 types of sarees you should definitely own if you don’t have them already.

1. Royal Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram Silk Saree emerge from Kanchipuram, that is a district in the region of Tamil Nadu. These stunning looking sarees have spelled the magic and charm in the Indian saree industry because of their ostentatiousness. The formation procedure of these royal and attractive sarees involves plating the saree with the pure type of gold treat so that every female exhibits the pure Kanchipuram silk. The saree indicates the awe-inspiring details making anybody fall for this striking saree piece. You must get these sarees for your really special events like an important business event, wedding ceremonies and so on. You surely would leave the jaws dropped all around! Remember, these sarees start from a higher range but they are worth it. You may have to spend little more for these gorgeous sarees but you would not regret that. Also, these sarees would live for lifetime!

2. Charming Banarsi Silk Saree

Most of the women all are aware of how famous and popular the Banarsi silk sarees are. Everyone knows that every woman adores this finest Indian saree piece. This stylish Indian saree is the reflection of the excellency in overall craftsmanship detailing every small and little specification. These sarees got introduced in the market an era ago, and are still being absolutely loved and praised and appreciated by every woman. You can find abundance of sophistication in this type of saree. Once you wear these types of sarees, you would look really different for sure. These sarees give their distinct appeal that is rare. Of course, when you have a perfect saree that is different, you would look different only. And comfort of this saree is such that you are going to love wearing it more often.

3. Splendid South Indian Sarees

South Indian Sarees promise loveliness to every woman. These kinds of sarees are known for the refreshing southern silk reflecting inheritance of the area. The variety that you find in south Indian sarees ranges from daily office wear to that of wedding wear. South Indian sarees are absolutely stunning and eye-catching and these sarees can lead anyone to stop and look at you for a second. You can easily find different designs, textures, patterns and colours in these sarees for you! And if you are wondering that these south Indian sarees are meant for south India only then you are mistaken. You have no idea how these sarees are worn extensively by women in different regions of the world.

4. Elegant Printed Sarees 

You can get a vivid variety of printed sarees for you. The saree marketplace is ready to serve you at a tap. No matter you are going to a colleague’s wedding or celebrating your nephew’s birthday and you are running out of options, printed sarees is surely be your rescuer. These kinds of sassy Indian sarees come in diverse patterns and styles such as straight patterned, floral, zigzag, or polka dots. You can get the type of design in these printed sarees to get ready for a party or an event in no time.

5. Kalamkari Saree

Kalamkari Saree turned out to be the topic of talk for every woman because of its spectacular prepossessing block prints and hand-painted design. Kalamkari sarees have made their own charm and style space in the Indian saree market with the supreme beauty it offers to the wearers. You would find a distinct sort of grace in these sarees. After all, these sarees have peppy

6. Breath-taking Kota Saree

The breath taking and lovely Kota saree is one of the most well-known Indian sarees, known for offering comfort and overall style. It is the conventional saree made in Rajasthan’s Kota city. These kinds of sarees are formed up of Muslin (a soft type of cotton fabric) keeping in mind the overall humid Indian temperature to offer each woman a chance to flaunt under the heated sun. It is commonly known as the conventional saree because it holds a rich type of Indian history. You can find some really refined type of designs in this type of saree for you!

7. Paithani Saree

Now, this type of paithani Saree is going to allow you to discover the entwine of Paithani in Maharashtra. The pallu of this type of antique saree piece carries peacocks, and diverse types of floral design, circular patterns, or even that of vertical patterns making them absolutely different and unique. This saree is quintessential for the ones who really adore wearing cotton and silk and the hugest fans of handloom clothing. Of course, you would find these sarees really peppy and exciting. You can find a variety of patterns, designs and textures in this type of saree.  The coolest thing is that you can find these sarees in different budgets and ranges. Hence, you can be confident that you get a saree that falls in your budget and makes you look spectacular.


Thus, you have variety of options to choose from when you look for sarees. And not to worry about where you would get them all from as you can easily get these sarees at snapdeal. It is time that you get the perfect type of saree that works wonderfully for you.

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