A Buyer’s Guide: Residential vs Data Center Proxies

The private proxies can mask your IP address and help you safeguard your privacy online. Both datacenter and residential proxies are IP masking services that can ensure that your IP address is masked and you can browse the internet anonymously. Such proxy servers can also be useful in other cases. For instance, it can ensure that you can access the geo-blocked data and content on websites including YouTube and Netflix among others, and/or can find cheap flight tickets.

Residential proxies can hide the real IP address of the user behind some other. This address, if tracked, is traced to some other home address. On the other hand, the datacenter proxy will ensure that the address of the user is tracked to the datacenter or the business service providing the proxy service. However, there are even more differences between these two types of proxy services. Read the article and go through the information given below to choose the best option between the two.

Know More About Residential Proxies

A residential proxy will have an IP address that can be traced to a real address. Therefore, such proxies cannot be banned by a website. You can safely access the internet and website while ensuring that your IP address is masked and hidden, and can access all kinds of content that may be geo-blocked.

When you buy an advanced and futuristic residential proxy like the proxy service available here, you can be ensured that your IP address is masked and hidden at the time. The leading residential proxy services also ensure that the unreal IP address is rotated continuously, which further strengthens the masking and ensures privacy protection. The best services may support the HTTPS protocol as well. However, the user must choose a reliable proxy service and not unreliable and slow ones, which are free of cost.

Know More About Data Centre Proxies

A data center proxy is entirely independent of the internet service provider network and the internet connection. It does not link the user to any given location as well. This proxy can be used for blocking/masking your IP address, which will ensure that your pinpointed geographical location is not revealed to any website or server. The datacenter proxy service will assign a unique IP address to the user. This IP address will connect to a specific datacenter proxy location.

Residential vs Data Center Proxies: Which One to Choose

As stated, the residential proxy will assign the IP address to someone real but not the user. On the other hand, data center proxies assign the IP address to the datacenter pool and the cloud servers.

Why Choose Residential Proxy: If you are looking for the utmost anonymity, you should prefer residential static proxies. These proxies used the real IP address of people and therefore websites cannot identify and ban them. On the other hand, it is easier for the websites and a server to identify the datacenter proxies and block them.

You should also prefer residential proxies if you are using a large amount of data and information. In such a scenario your virtual IP address should be rotated constantly, so that your real IP address is not revealed. A leading residential proxy service can rotate the IP addresses of the clients at the time they connect to the internet automatically and ensure best better anonymity. While residential proxies may cost a bit higher when compared to the datacenter proxies, they can be more anonymous and trustworthy.

Why Choose Datacenter Proxy: If you are looking for good speed and a stable connection, you should prefer the datacenter proxies as here the IP addresses are not shared by multiple users. However, you should remember that a datacenter proxy is not as efficient as masking your IP address and the latest geolocation techniques are even more efficient to identify them.

The datacenter proxies may also cost less when compared to the residential proxies. However, you must remember that this benefit comes with a compromise and the datacenter proxies will not serve any purpose if you are handling large amounts of data.


The latest proxy services help access the internet safely mask your IP address and are useful for both individual and business purposes. Choosing between the residential and the datacenter proxies may depend on your own needs, work and use case scenario, and budget, among other aspects. For reliable anonymity, you should trust the residential proxies. However, if cost is a constraint and you want more speed for your internet connection, the datacenter proxy is a better option.

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