A Comprehensive Guide to How to Screenshot on HP – Have Fun Learning!

If you share everything with your best friends, you must know that screenshot is the key to keeping that bond strong. 

Sending screenshots is much easier than typing long story messages. Thereby nowadays taking screenshots has become part of our daily life. However, there is nothing to worry about if you still don’t know how to take a screenshot. This brief guide will help you learn how to screenshot on HP laptop/computer.  

Why is it important to learn How to Screenshot on a Laptop? 

As we already discussed, screenshots fortify your bond with friends. Here is a little example of how it does that and why it is important.  

Suppose you are playing a game on your HP laptop or pc and you get high scores. How will you share those scores with your friends? Well, taking a screenshot is the most convenient way to do so. All you need to do is simply take a screenshot with your laptop and share it with your friends on whichever platform you want. 

How to Screenshot on HP? 

Do you know how to screenshot on HP? Your life will get much easier once you learn how to do it. Not just do you need it to flex your high scores with friends, but you can also do it to remember your passwords. Anyhow, either it is just a part of the entire screen you want to capture. There are different ways through which you can do so.  

For instance, if you want to capture just a part of the screen but don’t know how to do it, several third-party software and tools are available to help you crop the part you want. Google Chrome has several tools available as well; you can check them out and use them as per your requirements.  

So, let’s move forward to learn how to screenshot on HP. We will also discuss things you must know regarding taking screenshots.  

How to Capture an Entire Screen on a HP Laptop/Computer?

Method no 1 – Windows Key + Print Sc

HP laptops come with Chrome Operating System, so it is easier to take a screenshot on it. On the extreme right of your keyboard’s upper corner, you will find a print screen button as “prt scr”, this button and windows key will assist you in taking a screenshot.

Follow these steps to take a screenshot on HP:

  1. To take a screenshot of an entire screen, you need to simultaneously press “prt scr” and windows key. A blink of light will indicate the successful screenshot.
  2. Via this method, your screenshot will automatically get saved. 
  3. To access that screenshot, go to “This PC” and then click “Pictures.”
  4. You will find your pictures in the screenshot folder.
  5. To paste the screenshot or share it with anyone, press “Ctrl + V”

Method no 2 – Snipping tool:

If you want to capture a precise area of your screen, you can also use windows’ built-in feature – snipping tool. This feature works well for all windows gadgets regardless of the OS (operating system).

Click the start menu. In the search bar, write “snipping tool”. Once the app opens, you will have a variety of options to choose from. 

Follow these steps to use the snipping tool:

  1. Click on “Ctrl + N” or “New”.
  2.  A range of modes of snipping tools will appear. From that, you can choose your required shape.
  3.  The rectangular shape is standard for a screenshot. 

Apart from that, there are the following other ways to take a screenshot of your screen.

1) Freeform snipping:

With this one, you can capture your screen in any shape you want. 

2) Window snipping:

It captures the window you have currently opened instantly.

3) Full-screen snipping:

It takes a screenshot of the entire screen in a single go. This feature is useful for users who have dual monitors. With this feature, they can capture both screens simultaneously. 

Once you have taken the screenshot, press “Ctrl + S” to save it to your desired folder. 

Method No 3 – Windows + Shift + S:

This method of taking a screenshot is basically a straightway to the snipping tool.  

Just follow these few steps:

  1. Press Windows + Shift + S simultaneously. 
  2. Once you have done capturing, the screenshot will appear on your clipboard. 
  3. If you want to view or edit it, press “Ctrl + V.” 

Bonus Tip – How to fix your Screenshot issue:

Sometimes you are unable to capture your screen – you face issues like your screen is not capturing, and when it happens, you will get a twisted or black/white image. This thing happens when your drivers get outdated, or you are using the wrong Driver. To fix this issue, you must ensure all your drivers are updated. 

There are ways by which you can resolve this issue. If you possess the skills to resolve this issue, then do it, and if not, you can get third-party help. For instance, Driver Easy will do it for you.

It is better to get professional help because most people don’t know what system their PC is running. Thereby, downloading and installing the wrong drivers can expose threats to your device/gadget. 

How to use Driver Easy?

Just follow these basic steps, and you are good to go. 

  1. Open Driver Easy on your browser, download it, 
  2. Run Driver Easy and press the scan option. 
  3. Now Driver Easy will look for driver problems by scanning your PC and fix the issue it comes across. 

Taking screenshots is helpful for a variety of reasons. You can share information that otherwise takes a lot of time if you do it manually. Moreover, it validates your word. Think it through. What would your friends believe more when you tell your scores in a game over a chat or a screenshot of that game with your scores?

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