A Quick Guide To Completing Your Retro Entertainment Lounge

Reserving a space in your humble abode for a mini techno hub may seem like an uphill struggle. The benefits of it, however, rest in the convenience and enjoyment whenever you have the free time to indulge yourself. If you want to incorporate a bit of old-school yearning, turning your dull living area into a retro entertainment lounge should sound like a winning idea.

This marriage of tech and home improvement projects may be costly, though its rewards are immeasurable if anything retro fits your obsession. Without further ado, let’s begin this quick guide to transitioning your ordinary couch space into an exuberant pad, courtesy of nostalgia.

Choose The Era

While it’s good to have multiple items representing various decades, the backdrop should embrace a single epoch in a certain place. Do you geek over the Wild West? Or are you the Sherlock Holmes enthusiast who prefers the mid-19th century Britain vibe, the time of Jack The Ripper’s killing spree?

There is no need to obtain the gizmo they had in the chosen period. However, you must collect paraphernalia relevant to your choice. Following the assumption of a Wild West theme, tables and chairs designed like wine barrels may be good. On the other hand, a Victorianesque set of furniture pieces complements all the details related to Sherlock Holmes’ time.

Add Retro Gadgets

The first functional tech you could easily find that screams retro is a turntable. It would be easy if you could find one in your grandparent’s attic or their basement. Vintage-looking record players are available in Amazon and other marketplaces. It’s best to get your soundtracks in Discogs. You must also purchase decent spare cartridges like the Shure stylus for an uninterrupted vinyl experience.

Some excellent additions may include an old popcorn maker cart, a typewriter for your iPad, an arcade, and a rotary telephone unit. Remember that the gadgets should be fully-operative like the examples we mentioned. A retro lounge is supposed to entertain, not portray a museum.

Use This, Not That

Today’s gadgets may not gel well with retro pieces. If you insist on having the Oculus Rift or a golf simulator kit set up in this lounge, there will be a strong disconnect, and it wouldn’t look vintage at all, no matter how much work you exert into it. You may have these gizmos hidden somewhere or cleverly install them in a discreet manner using some hacks.

Settle for alternatives that would make everything cohesive. Instead of a curve HD TV, use a modern projector designed like a reel player. You may also install the gaming console into an arcade unit for a more retro feel.

Make Wise Use Of Colors

Vintage sets and decor work better with a clever selection of colors. Vintage sets and decor work better with a clever selection of colors. You may add some shimmer and glimmer to your cocktail table with glitz sequin stretch spandex tablecloth.

You may opt for a mix of black and white ensembles or furniture pieces wearing powder blue or powder pink shades. If you’ve watched WandaVision, you’ll easily understand what you should be up to.

Retro colors are less saturated. These palettes lack brilliance, though they blend perfectly with various textures, geometric shapes, and dramatic font styles. Display old posters, covers of retro vinyl soundtracks, or black & white printouts of classic references to convince different perspectives that they’ve just entered a retro zone. 


It doesn’t take a pro designer to come up with a decent retro-tech setting. Be careful with gadgets you bring into the mix, as they might ruin the vibe. Still, crafty installations of some innovative equipment and being on guard with the cohesiveness of the entire arrangement should award you with the desired nostalgia.

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