About Us

Hello to all Android users!

We welcome you to AndroidCure.com – a blog dedicated for Android fans. Where you find lots of use full how-to’s, to make experience most personal and fun.

We started earlier in year 2014 and had good year. We gain lots of readers, and have been appreciated by them as well and moving forward.

In fact, our aim is not to become top, we strive for best help we can give Android users to make simple tasks more simpler and keep them informed with latest going on.

We hope we’ll reach out to each Android user all over the world.

About Author

Hi!, I’m →Deepak Gupta, who loves to be in touch with gadgets all the time.

I’m a Bachelor in Computer Application (2012) and an Android users just like you. I started  blogging in end of year 2012 with inspiration originated from small incident (surely, I’ll share by time).

Now working in IBM in back-end process and would love to write blog in free time, however, I would like to make it full-time work and surely I’ll get it.

I always like to help others to make correct decisions while purchasing gadgets, recommend them useful apps, games, how-to’s and much more. In-fact I enjoy helping other and want it to keep going on through this blog.

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Write us on dgdeepak000@gmail.com and we’ll get back to as soon as possible!

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