eBooks, Training, Exam Dumps… What Will Help You Ace Microsoft MD-101 Test Easily?

Since 2019, Microsoft has introduced a new certification program that involves upgrading some credentials from product-based to role-based format. This can help you become an expert not only in a proper technology but also in doing all the duties of the specific roles at the workplace. Therefore, now is the ideal time for you to seek your opportunities to scale up your IT career.

These new Microsoft credentials are available at the fundamental, associate, and expert levels. At the same time, certification to earn can be chosen by the technology: App Builder, Dynamics 365, Microsoft MD-101 VCE Exam Dumps, Microsoft 365 to mention a few. This article focuses on one of the associate-level Microsoft 365 certifications for Modern Desktop Administrator, especially on one of its exam MD-101, and the best preparation options for this assessment.

Credential Overview

Obtaining the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate credential is the right way to scale up your career. This badge validates your skills in dealing with various IT devices and user applications. To earn it, you have to pass two tests, MD-100: Windows 10 and MD-101: Managing Modern Desktops.

For those who had passed the 70-698 assessment before its expiration date on 31st March 2019, MD-101 is the only needed test for obtaining the certification. Anyway, as it is the associate-level assessment, it requires accurate preparation. And the first thing to start with is to know the details and the outline of MD-101.

Assessment Details

Exam MD-101 is the second test you need to pass to gain the Microsoft 365 associate-level certification for Modern Desktop Administrator. There are no strict prerequisites for it, but in order to tackle the exam easily, two years’ experience as an IT administrator or taking the MS-900 exam is recommended. Candidates should also be familiar with Microsoft 365 workloads i.e. configuration and maintenance of Windows 10 and non-Windows devices.

Click Here to Learn MD-101, offered in English, focuses mainly on modern desktop management. It costs approximately $165 and examines the candidate’s competency in managing and protecting devices, apps, and data besides implementing and updating operating systems. A brief description of the major topics examined is as follows:

Deployment and updating operating systems – 15-20%

This topic majorly involves planning and implementing Windows 10 by using Windows autopilot and dynamic deployment, upgrading devices to Windows 10, and managing their updates and authentication.

Management of policies and profiles – 35-40%

This section tests skills related to planning and effecting co-management strategy, implementing conditional access schemes, device profile configuration, and user profile management.

Management and protection of devices – 15-20%

This unit entails managing Windows Defender, regulating device enrollment and inventory using Intune service, and monitoring device health using concepts such as log and Windows analytics.

Management of apps and data – 25-30%

This area mainly examines the candidate’s ability to deploy and update apps in addition to effecting MAM (mobile application management).

How Can One Prepare for the MD-101 Exam?

There are various study materials available for the MD-101 test and each of them will help you cover the needed topics in different ways, so you can choose the most suitable and helpful variants. Below, we’ll provide you with the most common options that can be used separately but will bring you the best effect if being combined. They include:


Microsoft has provided training sessions where students can learn concepts examined with the help of experts. These intensive instructor-led courses last for 5 days each. Enrolling in them, you’ll know how to deploy, manage, and protect Modern Desktops and various devices. Notice, that before taking any of the three offered training, you should have acquainted with Microsoft 365 workloads.


Exam dumps, when used well and being valid, help applicants to ace the exam on the first attempt as they show the probable tasks and highlight all the areas the applicants should learn more. Exam-labs.com is the most reliable source of authentic exam dumps, both free and paid.

Free mock tests are uploaded by recent test-takers while premium questions and answers are additionally proved by experts. Currently, Exam-labs’s MD-101 Premium Bundle costs $59,99 and contains a frequently updated study guide, training course, and 135 questions and answers.

These dumps are created in the ete form and hence a special tool called the ETE Exam Simulator should be installed in order to open them. This software allows us to train in the near-real testing environment and involves important features such as time limits.


The use of study guides has been the traditional way of revising for any test. It follows therefore that there are books available for studying concepts tested in MD-101 test. They can be obtained from Microsoft Press store or Amazon either as e-books or in printed format. An example includes the Exam Ref MD-101 Managing Modern Desktops, 1st Edition by Andrew Bettany, and Andrew Warren.

Study communities and groups

Apart from studying as individuals, it can be helpful for students to join online communities or form their own study groups with their peers to discuss the concepts examined in MD-101 assessment. One of the popular options is the Microsoft learning community where candidates can share articles and preparation materials, search for answers together, and discuss issues pertaining to certification exams. However, applicants should be keen to verify information shared on such forums because it may not be factual or up to date.


It is known that most employers give preference to certification holders when making recruitment decisions. Therefore, obtaining a credential is a great way to increase your odds of success in your career since it earns your recognition and also affirms your competency in performing tasks.

Acing MD-101 test is the last step in acquiring the Microsoft 365 associate-level credential for Modern Desktop Administrator. And passing it has now been made easier by the use of training courses and exam dumps from Exam-labs.com. Visit this valuable online platform today and make your exam preparation experience easier.

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