Android 12 Gives You the Ability to Control Your Smartphone Using Facial Expressions

Whoever has a smartphone knows that the facial recognition option for unlocking the device was introduced years back. Using facial recognition login features on your mobile device has added another layer of protection for all the apps and accounts you use on the smartphone.

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Employing “Android Accessibility Suite”

Android has been using the application programming interface known as “Android Accessibility Suite”, which is intended for developers to create applications and tools that enhance the smartphone user interface access experience, for years.

“Android Accessibility Suite” represents a whole group of applications and accessibility add-ons that help in the use of smartphones and include categories such as various forms of reading texts from the screen, the so-called “switch-based” input systems (e.g. using gestures), and voice command systems. These useful tools are often intended for people with disabilities, but their application can also be for all users who want to manage their smartphones in a different way.

“Camera Switch” as a New Element of Update of Android 12

The latest update of Android 12 beta brings a new element for use on a smartphone known as “Camera Switch” which is part of “Switch Access”, a tool that allows you to interact with an Android device without using a screen. “Switch Access” is otherwise available via the “Settings” menu where scrolling takes you to the “Accessibility” option.

Android 12 will bring the ability to give various commands on the smartphone via facial expressions. “Camera Switch” is actually a tool that allows the smartphone to be controlled only with facial, eye, or mouth movements. Available facial expressions that the software will recognize are an open mouth, a smile, eyebrow-raising, a look to the left, a look to the right, and a look upward.

Just some of the commands that will be able to be run with the mentioned facial expressions are opening notifications, scrolling up or down, returning to the home screen, opening “Settings”, and many more. It is possible that this list will be much more extended in the future.

The User Determines the Intensity and Duration of Facial Expression

When the “Camera Switch” option is active, a special icon notifies the user. From the screenshots of the Android 12 beta version that have been released, it is clear that each gesture will have its own settings, so the user will be able to determine the intensity of facial expression and its duration.

Recognizing facial expressions on Android 12 should cover even the smallest details, which could prevent potential accidental activation of commands. However, to use the “Camera Switch” option, it will be recommended that the smartphone be charged at that time, as this tool can consume a lot of battery power. There is certainly good news that this update should cover Android 11, as well.

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