5 Android Apps You Should Have to make your life easier

Helpful Android Apps You Need to Try

Despite the creation of the revolutionary smartphone, creative members of our society will always try to find more accessible and more effective ways of doing things. Fortunately, app developers have noticed this and have started creating apps that will make your life far more manageable.

Everyone has different priorities and needs, but there is an app out there for everyone. Whether you’re looking for mobile casino apps, tonight’s dinner, or the weather forecast for the next week, the Playstore has something for you. 

Take a look at the following handy applications for your android devices. 


Truecaller is an efficient application — it detects unknown phone calls and spam numbers. If the application has information about a number, it will be displayed on your phone as the notification comes up. 

For the app to work correctly, there is, of course, a compromise on privacy. All caller ID apps require access to your contacts so that people can identify the numbers. Protecting your privacy is a deal-breaker for some. However, many people still find applications such as this one worth the lack of privacy. 

When your phone starts to ring, the app displays the user’s name. It can’t identify every number, but it does a great job of letting you know a spam number. The app will highlight the number of users reporting spam calls in red. Using this app is an excellent way to avoid those pesky cold calls from insurance companies.

Google Assistant 

Artificial intelligence (AI) assistants appear on most devices nowadays. Siri was Apple’s long-term AI, Windows used Cortana, therefore, giving android some tough competition. 

However, Google Assistant is one of the most widely available assistants and comes with many advanced features. This app adds a level of enhanced intelligence to your phone and incorporates the Google Assistant feature. The AI can use image recognition to find images on your phone through commands like: “Show me photos of my dog.” The AI can also interact with other applications on your phone.

The fully upgraded version is available on all the latest Android 7.0 devices, but Android users can still access this via Allo. In the coming months, developers will also implement it on all Android 6.0 devices. Google’s assistant, like Google Now, responds promptly, “Ok, Google.” You will need to make sure that your software is up to date with Google Play Services so that you get your assistant in your area and on your handset as soon as it is available.

5 Android Apps You Should Have to make your life easier


The way we travel has changed with ride-share and taxi apps such as Uber, Lyft, and Taxify, although they are not the most affordable way to travel. Therefore, an application such as Moovit is excellent for all people in their city that rely on public transport. It is also helpful in areas not frequented by Uber drivers.

Moovit identifies all routes, stations, and schedules for public transport, timetables, and live service alerts around you. You can even plan a journey for yourself.

The app is suitable for people who want to see the options for public transport in their area, and it’s great for people who often frequent public transport. You don’t have to wait to get to a station any longer to see if there’s a long delay.

Google Keep 

Google Keep is a response from Google to apps such as Evernote and other memo/productivity apps, but it is available for free with no hidden payroll features. 

The app enables you to create notes, voice memoranda, recalls, and annotated images – and add them to the app to sync devices.

Google Keeps benefits from its integration with other services in Google and therefore outshines any similar productivity apps. You can create to-do lists and notes using the “Ok, Google” command. You can even dictate the app’s notes and transcribe them with voice recognition.

Users can also save pictures, draw pictures and save web pages and links for future use.

Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse is a simple yet incredibly convenient application that allows you to use your phone as a mouse for computers within your network.

The app works with computer software on your PC through a Wi-Fi connection to a mouse and a keyboard. The only negative thing is that you will need to purchase certain features through the app – but this is mainly for advanced components of the app, such as the creation of a remote media player.

It may sound too simplified, but it’s an excellent tool for people to stream from their PC to the TV. Any situation where you need to reflect your PC’s screen during presentations also adds efficiency and convenience.

5 Android Apps You Should Have to make your life easier

Food Delivery Apps

Food supply applications are generally some of the best tools on your smartphone. The best food delivery app will depend entirely on the area in which you live. However, UberEATS and foodpanda are part of the international heavyweights on the market.

The setup of two or three food supply applications helps you achieve more diversity with your weekly meals and gives excellent value for money. The apps vary in terms of the restaurants available, as it all depends on partnerships. 

There’s an app for that, you know! Smartphones just got more competent, and your life became so much easier. These fantastic apps have been designed to make daily tasks far more interesting and easy to complete.

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