Android Tips and Tricks to Make Your Android Phone Less Annoying

Compared to today’s phones, the functionality of the year’s phones is vastly different. The market for smartphones has become so competitive that they are coming with advanced capabilities that make them stand out from the competition. One of the things that suffers most in the effort to do it all is the life of the smartphone. These smartphones come with powerful processors and chipsets to provide a powerful performance.

You probably agree that a lot of how you use your phone also affects how long it will last. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to share some great tips that will help you in the future in case of using a Samsung phone. The hack would not magically make your smartphone last longer, but it will guarantee the results that you were looking for. As you know all Mobile Phone Prices are high. No one would love it if phones get slower or hang while using multiple apps after spending a lot of money on it.

Uninstall Apps

There are many preinstalled apps on Android phones. The majority of these features will be welcome, such as maps, email, browsers, and so on, but there are a few you probably don’t want or need. A podcast app isn’t necessary if you don’t listen to podcasts. You may never use the apps offered by phone vendors. Click the option to go to the app’s detail page where you can uninstall it.

Turn Off Auto Brightness

How often has your screen dimmed or brightened spontaneously? If your screen has done that, it’s named auto brightness. It is useful in theory, but some people might find it overcompensates or changes too suddenly. To turn it off. Set the brightness slider to what you prefer. You may also be able to sleep better with the blue light filter.

Don’t let your battery die

Your phone running out of battery is the most annoying thing. Battery life on smartphones is longer and more powerful than ever, but displays are also more powerful than ever, which means power drains faster than you think. If you want your phone to last a little longer, you should use Power Saving Mode.

Some manufacturers such as Vivo mobile offer more options than others, but it is a feature that will be available on every Android device. The battery settings contain this mode, where you can control CPU speed, dim the lights, and limit app availability. Your phone may come with a set of predetermined power saving modes. If you don’t want unused apps to run in the background and consume precious battery life, you can also put them to sleep.

Remember The Lock

Your android device can be unlocked up to 5 times if you forget your screen lock password, PIN, or pattern. The subsequent attempts are free. You should first ensure that the password, PIN, or pattern is entered correctly. A factory reset is your only option if you are still unsuccessful after several attempts.

Notifications & Alerts

By going to your notifications settings, you can view a list of apps you can turn off if your social media or game alerts are becoming too obnoxious. You can also disable visible and audible notifications by tapping the app’s name. In some apps, you can also turn off certain notifications, while others remain active. With Facebook, you can manage notifications by grouping them together, or you can handle them directly from the pull-down shade.

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