The 5 Types of Apps Every Android User Needs

There’s always going to be debate over what the best app is for its purpose. It’s impossible to objectively choose one option over another. However, there are certain types of apps you need, no matter which particular app you choose. These are 5 types of apps you need to install on your Android phone.

1. Drive / Office

Google Drive is the most obvious choice here, but it’s not the only one. Whatever your preference, a “drive” app, that stores documents and sheets, making them easily accessible on all your devices, is important. Documents should no longer be difficult to access remotely.

The best storage apps work as an “office suite” as well. With Google Drive, for example, you can not only view but edit documents as well, which will then sync across your devices.

2. VPN

In this age of increasingly risky online habits, a VPN is crucial. It helps you get past regional bans on streaming content (and if you’re a fan of British series, you should check out how to watch BBC iPlayer in the USA). But much more importantly, it hides your location and encrypts your data, keeping you safe from hackers, and protecting you from potential identity theft.

Be wary, however, of what you choose. There are many brilliant VPNs available for Android, but there are far more apps which simply do not work. Make sure you do your research.

And once connected to your VPN, perform a quick WiFi speed test to see if your internet connection is fast enough.

3. Password managers

Many of you may be wary of password managers. After all, you’ve been told all your life never to write your passwords down or give anyone access to them. Now we’re telling you to rely on one app? There’s reason to take care, as some password managers have been hacked in the past, revealing all their users’ passwords.

However, reliable password managers are safer than memorising passwords. They generate unique and secure passwords for every service, ensuring you don’t end up using variations of one phrase for all.

4. Note apps

Apps like the ever-popular Evernote will change the way you structure your very existence. They organise all your notes: including typed, voice recordings, to-do lists, and saved web pages. Evernote even offers OCR these days – allowing you to search text within photos.

Evernote is not the only option but is probably is the best. It is a paid service, which may lead you to seek out free alternatives.

5. Books

There are many book apps that work for different kinds of ebooks. Google Books, the Kindle app, Kobo, etc. all have their own features and there’s no harm in downloading all of them. They don’t take up much space, and all can be synced across devices. There’s not really a “winner” between them, as how you read books is personal preference.

Whatever you choose to primarily use, reading books on your smartphone is revolutionary. It allows you to take your book wherever you go, store all your books in the cloud, and save your highlights and notes for posterity.

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