Apps For Cannabis Home Growers

There are many apps for White Fire OG Cannabis Seeds and other popular strains home growers  on the market, but how do you choose the best one for your growing needs? Here are a few: Hempire, Snoopify, Emjay, and Growtronix. You may also be interested in:


If you’re an avid cannabis grower who wants to try your hand at a virtual business, you can use Hempire. The free mobile game was created by LBC Studios, a British Columbia-based company that celebrates the cannabis community. The storyline is based on real-life events, and players can try to get the best bud by breeding different varieties. But beware: the more you know about the marijuana industry, the more it will cost you.

To become a hemp cultivator, you must have a conditional cultivation permit and a building permit from the city. The state’s regulations for hemp cultivation include strict guidelines and stringent standards. Those who grow hemp for recreational purposes must plant at least one acre of “flowering canopy.”


Snoopify is one of the many cannabis home grower apps available for Android and iOS. The app allows users to monitor their cannabis plant and keep track of its health. It also lets you track how much plant is growing, and what day it was harvested. You can also keep track of the number of clones in your cultivation system. All of this information can help you determine which cannabis strains are best for you.

Another great marijuana home grower app is GrowBuddy. It lets you grow weed, and also lets you add pictures and accessories to your photos. This app is free and available on the App Store and Google Play. It also simulates micro-scale marijuana grows with simLeaf. It allows you to see if your marijuana plants are growing or not, as well as their growth rate and yield. It also lets you set reminders for your tasks and helps you keep track of your environmental conditions.


There are several great cannabis delivery apps for home grown weed. Emjay promises delivery within 30 minutes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities. The company has several specialized delivery options that offer free delivery and low minimums, along with 3% cashback for each order. Emjay’s Jointly feature encourages purposeful cannabis consumption, allowing you to achieve your health goals with your marijuana use.

To begin, you need to download the Emjay app to your smartphone. This app is only available on Apple devices running iOS. It’s free to download, and it transfers your information between devices. You can also view your profile. Once you’ve set up your account, you can log into your account. Once signed in, you can start using the Emjay app. There are a number of other features, including an ability to track your progress, manage your home grow, and view your orders.


The Growtronix cannabis home grower app is a comprehensive virtual growing simulator that connects to hardware in your grow room. It uses a system of sensors and controllers to control temperature, humidity, and light. It also allows you to adjust pH, water, nutrients, and CO2 systems. Users can easily track their progress and make necessary adjustments on the go. The Growtronix app has a plethora of features to suit a variety of home growing scenarios, ranging from a single plant to a whole grow operation.

The Growtronix app offers a variety of tools, including a digital growth journal. It helps schedule tasks and itemize tasks to make your life easier. The app also manages your growing environment and logs daily changes to your crop. You can track information on your mother plants, clones, and the curing process. GrowBuddy aims to become the all-in-one hub for home growers and pros alike. This app connects you to a global community of growers, offers expert advice, and even helps you buy supplies for your cannabis garden.

Cannabis pocket reference

A 4-page laminated quick reference guide explains the basics of cannabis growing. Topics covered include indoor and outdoor growing conditions, development stages, pros and cons of hydroponic systems, lighting schedules, and nutrients requirements. It also covers common pests, diseases, and infections. With over 10 million monthly visitors, Leafly is one of the most popular cannabis websites. The handbook is easy to use and provides valuable information for cannabis beginners and experienced growers alike.


The GrowBuddy app helps home-based hobbyist cannabis growers monitor, plan, and troubleshoot their plants’ growth. The app records information about each step of the cannabis growing process, from propagation to harvest. It also keeps track of tasks that may seem trivial, like watering and feeding, but are critical to the health of the plants. The app includes a comprehensive database of information about growing cannabis plants, as well as an online marketplace for buying and selling marijuana.

GrowBuddy is a digital journal that helps growers keep track of their daily plant progress. It has a task manager for recording tasks like feeding and watering, and even features a community for cannabis growers. In addition to its growing journal, GrowBuddy allows users to upload photos of their plants and connect with fellow growers for advice. GrowBuddy also has a Q&A forum where users can ask questions and receive advice.

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