When Did Area Codes Become Mandatory?

Wondering what is that special digit code that one needs to dial before making any local call in the UK? 

One key aspect of telephony that hasn’t discussed much as of now is the evolution of area codes and why they play such an important role in business communication.  

Being associated with local numbers, area codes hold great significance. This post is dedicated to unearthing some truths and facts about the evolution of area codes like UK area code 0345 and how they have become second nature to businesses that take them from cNumber.

The Evolution of Area codes

Area codes are the digit codes that represent a specific region/area. If one has to contact a local of a particular region via phone then dialing the associated area code before the phone number is mandatory. 

Every country has its own set of area codes and separate evolution journeys. In the UK, area codes came into being back in 1958 as a British Landline System establishment. After the establishment of the British Landline System, callers were able to make a call independently. 

Before this, one has to contact a manual telephone exchange operator to call another person. By 1979, every exchange in the UK was allotted with uniform exchange code or STD codes.

The evolution of area codes made communication streamlined and easy. To get more detail on area codes of the UK, one can visit the cNumber website.

cNumber – One Stop-Solution To All the Area Code needs 

Businesses that seek to gain predominant presence and market visibility in any specific local region of the UK must get a phone number with associated area code. Doing so is the prime need to win the hearts of locals. 

cNumber is UK’s well-known VoIP service provider that offers a wide range of UK’s virtual area code numbers. Area code numbers like 01223, 01234, 012924, and many more are available with this service provider. 

These area code numbers are virtual phone number which means: 

  • The call incurring charges would be far less – The virtual phone numbers of cNumber uses internet connection to transmit calls. Hence, per minute call expense for local and international calls is very less. 
  • They can be at one’s service instantly – The virtual phone numbers have a cloud-based infrastructure to support its operations. They won’t demand a tedious and strenuous set-up and installation job to start using telephony services. 
  • They are packed with impeccable features – Virtual telephony is more than mere telephony. It’s a tool that houses an array of features to automate workflow at various steps. A feature like a call recording, auto call answering, call forwarding, and IVR is few names to take. 
  • Communication would be flexible – VoIP area code numbers can be used using any of the data-driven devices as long as an internet connection is there. The mobile app of cNumber is the cherry on the cake as it brings communication on your fingertips. 

What difference does VoIP area code numbers from cNumber make? 

The UK is a booming market where diverse business opportunities exist. It always has been a lucrative hub for various overseas businesses. However, factors such as high infrastructure cost, high international calling charges, and the reluctance of locals to contact always acted as a huge hindrance. 

These issues were resolved and taken care of well by cNumber with its range of VoIP area code numbers. Using these numbers, businesses of all sorts can easily initiate a conversation with locals. 

With a local area code, these numbers will help a caller believe that the business is located in the nearby vicinity. 

The high monetary value of long-distance calls has been cut down significantly with the help of these numbers. The prospective customer and agents of international business can communicate with each other at a pocket-friendly price. 

Have a local presence with area code numbers.

To lure the local clients of a particular area of the UK, VoIP numbers with area codes are the best bet. In less effort, time, and money, these numbers are capable of making any business a household name. 

Don’t forget all of this is going to happen only if the number comes from a trusted house just like cNumber.

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