Aren’t All Cable Companies the Same?

Before we get to the technicalities and what differentiates cable service providing companies, let’s understand a few things first. Do you find all burger outlets the same? After all, they all have somehow the same menu to serve – burgers with fries and soda. Still, some outlets stand out like Jack N the Boxes, Carl’s Jr. However, a lot of people cannot differentiate because these outlets are not available in many states. 

Then at the end of the day, they are all the same because they sell burgers with different but almost the same sauces, right? But they are integrally not, they have their USPs, different sauces, discounts, deals, serving methodology, tastes, way of cooking, and various other things that differentiate them from one another.

Henceforth, the point is, all the cable companies sell one common thing and that is: Cable but primarily the services depend on the location. Not all cable TV providers are available everywhere. Xfinity has the largest footmark followed by Spectrum with its services widespread in 44 states also known for being one of the best service providers in the country. You cannot deny the fact that Spectrum Silver package along with various other impeccable deals differentiates it from other providers in the market.

Mostly, the differentiating point between cable companies is not what they have to offer but where they are based on. As for me, Cox is my ultimate choice. If I compare it with Time Warner’s now Spectrum, the difference is that it is available in my locality. So, now you kind of have an idea where we are heading in this conversation. So, let’s get started and dive deeper into the conversation in this article and dissect “aren’t all cable companies the same? “Here we go!

To find the best available TV service, I researched a lot. Fortunately, I found a German TV service while researching. It offers all the desired services at minimal charges. This service is special in many ways, different from usual services. What makes it different is its advanced features. Users can watch their content from any device that has an internet connection. Also, it has features like live or delayed streaming. Users can get access to it’s the library with a vast collection of movies and shows.

The plus point is it offers all these advance options at just $15 monthly. And last but not least – it gives free services for a few days in the beginning. Also, if someone invites their friends to the service, they get to use the service for one month for free. Can you name any service that gives such advanced services at this low price? This is how you can differentiate one cable TV service from another based on what it has to offer. Simple, no?

Which cable company is better overall?

To answer the question which cable company is better in every way, I would say there is no perfect answer to it – as it depends on a lot of factors. What services are you looking for from cable companies? Is it the internet? Is it TV? Or is it telephone? If the internet – is the high speed required? For instance, if you have cut the cord or if you are into games, you will be needing the internet with greater bandwidth. If that’s not the case, then even DSL will work.

Thus, it depends on your requirements. Also, pricing is one of the significant factors to consider. Then comes what content you want to watch? What channels are on your list? At what price they are offering those channels? You can then compare that price with the live TV streaming services available such as Sony’s Vue, DirecTV, and Slingbox, etc. And if you’re not someone for whom watching live TV is not important, then you can even opt for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and Amazon’s Prime, etc.

Final Thoughts

To give a final verdict on which cable TV provider is delivering the best services to its customers is to be decided by the customers. For that matter, you can share your experience in the comments section below or check the reviews of top-notch service providers in the industry to get the answer. As per the title, we hope we have cleared the concept when it comes to “aren’t all cable companies the same?” The right answer would be they are, and they are still not based on various factors.

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