Backlinks: the basis of your SEO strategy

Nowadays, many different tools are used to develop your business, your information platforms, and so on. Let’s just say that all means are good when they have a positive effect on the popularization of the resource.

Many features today can affect the recognition of the platform. This helps to develop traffic and increase your profits. In this article, there should be mentioned more about what backlinks mean and why backlinks are important.


In simple terms, these are links on the site to the portal of third-party sources. That is, for example, you want to develop your website. In order to increase traffic on your portal later, you can place a mention of yourself on another more popular resource, where you can leave a link to your portal. When a person is interested in your page, he will click on the link and go to your platform. Such links are called backlinks.

Links like this are really part of any SEO strategy these days. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly apply various link building methods so as not to harm the reputation and recognition of your platform. Since in the Internet space, unfortunately, today there are many fake pages and bots that can spoil your work.


When you implement such resources, it is very important to understand that they will not affect the position of your website in search queries in the future, for the worse. Therefore, first of all, you need to take this very seriously and check every work done. It can be long and in several stages, but you will be sure that your money and time have not been wasted.

If you want to check backlinks or find out their number, you just need to take advantage of additional resources. Here are examples of such options: ahrefs, megaindex and others. These additional tools can show you all the shortcomings, as well as places where you need to refine. This way you can sleep peacefully when all the work is done.


Next, it should be said a little about how you can create backlinks and place them on different platforms. Perhaps someone will need this information for their own SEO strategy. These techniques can improve the picture of your site or platform’s popularity.

Guest posting

This backlink distribution option remains one of the most popular among the rest. The logic and method are very simple. You are looking for platforms with similar themes to yours. Further, if it is not possible to freely expose your publication, you contact the owner for better interaction.

You will also expand your business connections and will be able to further help each other to increase the visibility of each of the businesses. Or, if access to posting articles is free, you should mark up your publication along with a backlink to your portal.

Creating additional accounts

This method is also easy, but not always effective. Therefore, before proceeding, read a little more information about the method. You register on third-party sites that are close in spirit to yours. And then use the accounts to distribute your backlink. This method is the most common but less reliable.

Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether to use this method in your strategy or not. Look for sites only that will not spoil the reputation of your site, such that people go exactly to your niche. Potentially, you will need partners to not only benefit from creating accounts, but also help with distribution.

Social networks

What modern website promotion can be without social networks. Probably everyone in many countries already has such tactics in order to reach out to the right audience. In general, it is also a simple and effective way for the SEO strategy. What do you need to implement this method?

You need a registered page. Ideally, this page should be designed for your business. But it’s also possible to have a personal page if you’re comfortable with it. And then work with the audience. Either look for publics that are related to your occupation or publish posts and backlinks to the site on your page.


More specifically, backlinks are part of preparing an SEO strategy. They allow you to bring the audience directly to your portal, which will give you the opportunity to increase your positions in search engines. If you want to develop in this direction, you need to look for various third-party resources to increase the chance of your project to succeed. Everything will depend on the correct selection of tools and, of course, the overall strategy for the result.

What’s more, backlinks can have a dramatic impact on your platform’s reputation. The more people, real users, not bots, follow your link, the higher the trust in your site will be. A high level of reputation is one of those indicators that every site strives for. Also, the more you appear on different resources, especially influential ones, the better you look for the search giants.


In this article, we looked at the general concepts of backlinks, what they are, and why they are so important. Every SEO strategy cannot do without many features, such as backlinks. These are not complex methods of drawing attention to your site or other platform. All you need is to choose the right option for creating and publishing backlinks. The better, of course, and more influential the site where you place links, the more people you will potentially have later.

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