Benefits Of Obtaining The Globally-Recognized CompTIA Security+ Certification

Is the CompTIA Security+ certificate worth the effort? Such doubts are natural because many specialists are afraid of the difficult certification process and prefer to work hard to improve their experience in other ways than by taking the Security+ qualifying exam. However, the benefits brought by this designation cannot be compared with anything else and now you will find out why.

The Security+ certification proves the foundational knowledge concerning cybersecurity, and validates the candidates’ practical experience in security topics. On top of that, CompTIA is a reputable organization, so recruiters appreciate it for offering the industry’s highest vendor-neutral certifications in several IT domains. Therefore, when you add the SY0-601 designation to your resume, you will immediately attract the hiring managers’ attention and will be regarded as a savvy specialist in security. Do you wonder what other advantages can the CompTIA Security+ accreditation bring? Keep reading this article for more information.

Recognized Validation Of Your Security Skills

It’s not a secret that the Security+ certification is obtained by those individuals who pass one associated CompTIA exam coded CompTIA Network+ Practice Test . And, if you take a look at this test’s blueprint, you will discover that it requires you to improve knowledge and skills regarding the topics tested. Thus, before taking this CompTIA exam, you should be able to identify vulnerabilities, threats, and attacks as well as mitigate risks that might appear from the Internet. You also should be proficient in providing an effective response to security incidents and operations by developing different techniques for threat detection and security controls.

In addition, you should be able to set up enterprise infrastructure design and architecture management alongside ensuring the sustainability of cloud computing. Moreover, your skills in implementing the processes for access management, basic cryptography, end-to-end security, and wireless will serve you at the exam and later in your future career. And of course, this Security+ exam can’t be passed without your expertise in providing expanded support to the organization for managing risk and compliance with the most important regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, CompTIA Security+ Practice Test , and more.

So, by earning the Security+ certification, you validate your knowledge and skills required for the position of your dream, for instance. This is benefit number 1.

Recruiters Attention

The second benefit refers to the process of applying for a job. The thing is that you will need to wait until your resume is selected by recruiters. This is the initial interaction with the hiring managers and it should make a very good impression. In comparison to a non-certified candidate, the Security+ CompTIA Certifications will immediately attract their attention and convince them to call you for an interview. Therefore, your chances to be accepted for the desired job to are considerably higher.

Meanwhile, as CompTIA is such a well-recognized vendor, you will benefit from an interview, during which the recruiter will ask you more about your soft skills and experience, rather than testing your technical knowledge on numerous security topics.

Generous Payment Opportunities

You should know that thanks to the Security+ certification added to your CV, you will be in an advantageous position when you discuss a salary offer. Your efforts for passing the required exam and getting this CompTIA designation must be compensated accordingly. Therefore, you should know your value and ask for an annual salary that is higher than the market’s average. For the record, the annual salary of Security+ certified specialists is about $77,000, as stated on the PayScale website. And rest assured, employers will be open to negotiate with you and be more open to offering a generous salary and bonuses to convince you to work with them.


Considering the benefits, the can bring you, registering for this CompTIA designation is one of the wisest decisions you could take for your career. Despite the difficulty of the certification process, this accreditation will help you become competent in the security field. Therefore, you will become a valuable candidate for any international company that wants to work with qualified professionals. Go for it!

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