Top 5 Best Android Dating Apps/Sites that will take your relationship to a new level

Around five years ago, app and web traffic analysis revealed that the number of users accessing the Internet by mobile phone had exceeded those using desktop computers. Since then, downloadable apps have gone from strength to strength. Currently, the Apple App Store offers almost 2 million apps for its users to choose from, while Google Play has closer to 3 million android apps available.

Thousands of these outlets are devoted to online dating, providing a convenient way for singles to interact using their smart devices. As well as allowing members to search for partners, they can strengthen existing relationships. Here are five apps/sites that will take your relationship to a new level.


If you’re a single who is keen to explore the possibilities of ‘interracial’ dating, this site is for you. The interface of this site is sparsely populated with images, but compared to some dating sites that can sometimes appear cluttered with pictures, this is refreshing.

The text is engaging, offering a lot of useful background to interracial dating, including how to approach single women from different cultural backgrounds. Having this advice on hand is almost like approaching courtship with a wingman in tow!


If you’re keen to find a popular dating app, this long-standing resource wins hands down. It boasts of having over 1 million members across the globe, with new members being added to the roster daily. One commendable aspect is the way you can opt to sign up for three days, at a trial membership rate. You can take advantage of the full membership for only £23.40 per month for three months.

This allows you to get a sense of what would be on offer if you were to commit to becoming more intense with your interest. The majority of members fall within the category of ‘20-somethings,’ but there are options for older chat and cougar dating. There are also regular blog posts, and the home page is extremely well-designed and eye-catching.


Are you searching for someone from a different cultural background? Look no further than Tinder, a site that will introduce you to singles across the world. The links on the home page will encourage you to cast your net as far afield as Scandinavia, Canada, Australia, and the UK. There are also a variety of chat rooms covering niche subjects. The blog is particularly informative, crammed with date ideas, and tips about texting without getting yourself into trouble!


If you’re single and looking for a casual relationships LustyLocals would be the perfect app for pursuing your ambitions. As soon as you alight on this interface, you get a sense of the possibilities of arranging dates. Navigating to the links at the foot of the screen provides instant access to many interesting sub-topics, including interracial dating, Hispanic dating, and senior chat.


With a clean, uncluttered interface featuring an attractive and inviting older woman, this is an excellent app for progressing your relationship. Especially worth a mention are the safe dating tips that appear in a menu on the introductory screen. Consisting of 15 great pieces of advice for mature singles, you’ll pick up all sorts of wonderful pointers, covering everything from how to create an eye-catching profile, to how to avoid negative dating experiences. There’s a diverse range of links at the foot of the home page, including subjects as varied as senior Jewish dating, over-50s chat rooms, and so on.

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