5 Best Apps to Customize your Android Phone in 2021

If you have one of the best Chinese brands Android phones but you are tired of the same kind of boring layout, several customization applications can help change that. These applications can change the layout of your home screen, lock screen and even impact the overall user interface and the user experience. So, if you have been looking for the top applications for that, we have sorted out the best ones for you to try out in 2021.


We can’t stress this enough but if your typing experience on your Android phone isn’t comfortable, there are chances that you will have a hard time dealing with the whole user experience. Don’t worry though. Swiftkey is one of the best keyboard applications that come with a multitude of settings that let you customize your keyboard according to your needs. Also, this application comes with several skins that you can change according to your likings.


As confusing as the name of the application is, it is one of the most unique customization applications on Android. Instead of customization the way it makes your phone look, this application helps in customizing the way your phone works. It is compatible with over 600 applications and enables you to automate tasks and get things done at a seamless pace without any kinds of restrictions. 

Launcher Applications

This is not a specific app per se but it does help change the look and feel of your Android. These applications work seamlessly in helping change the layout of the phone and improve the functionalities too. There are a plethora of launcher apps available on the Play Store that you can download and install on your phone. Nova Launcher, Smart launcher, etc. are some of the most popular ones.


If there is one of the coolest music apps on the Play Store, it is Muviz. It is a music visualization application that adds the ongoing music to the status bar of the phone. It also offers a plethora of visualizer themes and options for you to choose from. This means that you can easily change them according to your likings, which is pretty great. The design catalogue of this application is updated daily, which is great too.


Another customization app for Android that we’d suggest you take a look into is Cornerfly. It adds a rounded corner design to the display of the phone, giving it a more premium and classier look like never before. It doesn’t do much aside from that but it does make your phone look very expensive and adds a few customization options for those rounded corners that you can further play around with. 

If you own an Android device, the best thing about those phones is the fact that they come with amazing customization options. These are some of the best applications that can help you achieve just that without causing chaos. So, make sure that you download one or multiple from these options like we have sorted out for you.

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