15 Best Android Apps for Xiaomi Mi5

Xiaomi had released its latest flagship Smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 this year on Mobile World Congress. This Smartphone has grabbed our attention due to its sleek design and affordable price. Many of us consider this handset as worthy as iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy handset. Here we’ve got the list of best apps for Xiaomi Mi5 to get most out it.

This handset has only been released in China and India and it is getting more popular by each day passing both in India and China, and the remaining world is desperately waiting for this Smartphone. For this amazing smartphone, we thought that you would want to know about some best apps for Smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 for it to function at its best and can utilize some or all of the apps we are gonna here today, as per your requirements.

15 Best Applications for Xiaomi Mi5

#1 Nova Launcher

According to the company, TeslaCoil Software, Nova is a highly customizable, performance driven, home screen replacement for Android. Nova lets you make customized Home screen on your Smartphone. Nova Launcher has features like:

a) Custom Grid: You can configure rows and columns on your home screen for fit all your required apps ad widgets, and can place it as per your needs.

b) Backup/Restore; You can create a backup of your settings through Nova before you wipe out your data to quickly restore your your settings and layouts.

c) Infinite Scrolls: You can loop through your Home screen continuously.

d) Folder Icons: You get to select background, icon style.

e) Scrollable Dock: You can place upto 7 apps on your single page and can have upto 3 pages on a single device.

nova launcher for android

Nova launcher is a free applications, however, you want to upgrade to a prime version then you can get it at a price of Rs. 150. Nova Prime some extra features like Gestures, Unread counts, Custom Drawer Groups, Hide apps and Icon swipes.


google drive

#2 Google Drive suit

Google Drive is basically a cloud storage solution available on Android. It is one of the most useful productivity app with added suits like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos. Using Google Drive suit, you can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can also share your data with your colleagues or friends via Cloud.

Also see:

You can also access your files while you are offline. This application makes it easy for you to handle your work while you are not in front of your workstation.


Dashlane Password Manager

#3 Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane Password Manager keeps track of your passwords. It automatically imports your passwords from your browser and can save it through this password manager. You can also take a glance at the health of your chosen password and you can also know about any security breaches on your smartphone. Dashlane uses Amazon’s AWS cloud hosting solutions. With Dashlane, you get to choose a master password which will act as your primary defense against any risk, and this password is not stored on the Dashlane’s server end, which makes it more authentic.

Dashlane is free to download but if you wish, you can also upgrade it to its premium version. For information regarding its premium version, click here.

Download Dashlane Password Manager 


#4 IFTTT  

‘Connect the Apps you love’. Interesting idea and might come in handy sometime. It simply combines your apps(whichever app you choose), and makes your smartphone more productive and makes your work done more smoothly. You can save your favorite tweets or files to Evernote, Save your DropBox files to your Google Drive and much more. IFTTT lets your create connections between more than 263 channels or applications including news and noteworthy apps, Blogging apps, business & commerce apps, car & home apps, DIY, Fitness and wellness apps, Productivity apps, social networking and many more.


Chrome Beta for Android

#5 Chrome Beta

These days, most smartphones comes with pre-installed Chrome browser application in it, and, chrome beta is the latest and better version for Android smartphones.  This latest releases contains stability and performance fixes, which makes it more reliable.

You don’t need to remove the pre-installed chrome version, you can install Chrome Beta alongside your current version of Chrome for Android. Chrome Beta will request additional permissions when using Chrome Sync for the first time.

TinyScanner-PDF Scanner Application

#6 TinyScanner-PDF Scanner Application

Imagine when you are on your way and urgently you need to forward some copies of documents. No Biggie!! If you have TinyScanner App on your device, you can easily scan your documents and can forward to the respective recipient. Tinyscanner converts your Smartphone into a portable scanner. It can scan your PDF documents and save it as an image on your mobile. You can forward the same through Email, DropBox, Evernote and OneDrive. The pages scanned through TinyScanner are legitimate enough and can surely be used for office or legal purposes.



#7 Hound

Hound is a personal assistance application introduced by SoundHound. With Hound, what you need to do is ASK. You want to know about the weather, search about a route, place a call or want to play music, you ust have to ask for it. The advantage of using Hound is that you don’t have to use any keywords, you can ask what you wish for, naturally. Hound understands both context and details. You can just ask it precisely what you are looking for, and Hound will do the rest. Hound consist of a new level of Speech Recognition and Language Understanding. It depends upon the concept of ‘Speech-to Meaning’.

Same as Google, you can also use Hound by saying, “Ok Hound…”.


ES File Explorer

#8 ES File Explorer

ES file Explorer is a free resource manager for your Smartphone. It currently supports over 30+ languages. It can be used to manage your applications, multimedia files and documents.

Some of the features include:

  • Local, LAN, FTP, Bluetooth and Cloud Storage file operations
  • File Manager
  • Multimedia Explorer
  • Application Manager
  • Multi-operate on files/apps and powerful clipboard
  • Change Views and Sort
  • Search files on SD card, shares and Bluetooth
  • Share files with friends
  • Text viewers and editors
  • Play audio or video files locally/remotely or to friends
  • View files or open other files with the third party programs
  • Set pictures as wallpaper or contact icon
  • Show/hide files
  • Zip/unzip the zip files
  • Check files with MD5/SHA
  • Set folder as home in local
  • Set folder as server in Remote
  • Analyse use of space on SD card
  • App backup & (un)install & make shortcut
  • Root explorer


VLC media player

#9 VLC media player

VLC for android is a version of popular media player. Your android smartphone must have a default media player and it will able to play the standard format of various media files. However, if you want to play with different settings on your media files or if you are trying to go for different media file formats, then you must have this application.

VLC for android supports a huge range of media file formats. VLC for android plays most of local audio or video file formats as well as network streams.

You can add subtitles file to your fie through VLC and it also supports multi-track audio files.


CM Security Antivirus AppLock

#10 CM Security Antivirus AppLock

With everything else, you also need some security for your android device. For this, here is CM security Yo.u can lock your whatsapp, facebook and messenger contacts. You can also save your photo or video gallery and everything you want to make private or secure.

This app has a new and revolutionary fingerprint lock system. It also has a new anti-theft phone locator through which you can locate your phone on a map and its a free!

It has an antivirus engine and multilayer protection. It can scan your applications and websites you visit for any threat.  It makes your device lighter, faster and protected at all times.



 #11 ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

 Zedge is a free wallpaper, ringtone, app icon and notification sound application. It was the best Google Play application in 2015.  This app can mold itself up as the device like the wallpaper you choose will be a perfect fit for your device. You can set your ringtones from within Zedge app and can also set individual ringtones for your contacts.
Zedge also provides widgets to quickly change your wallpapers and for launching your favorite games. It also offers you themes according to various festivals like Christmas, Halloween etc.



#12 HERE Maps

In virtually every android handset today, Google maps are pre-installed, however, if you want to consider an alternative, I would suggest, Here Maps. Here Maps provides you offline access to your chosen location, turn by turn. It is quite similar to Google Maps, you can find a route, search nearby hospital or restaurant. With Here Maps, you get to download your Maps, and can use it in offline mode with all the route instruction or alternative suggestions. And it is totally FREE!


Team Viewer

#13 Team Viewer

Team Viewer provides you a simple and secure remote access to your laptop or computer from any where around the world. First you need to install the Teamviewer app on your mobile and generate a login ID and password, then install Teamviewer on yout laptop or computer and whenever you want to remotely access your laptop or computer, just login into Teamviewer account using your generated ID and password and VOLLA! You are in.

You can transfer files, start a chat, transit audio video files and much more.


Google Play Music

#14 Google Play Music

Who doesn’t like free music? I guess everyone likes a bit of music in their life, either to cheer themselves, partying or for any other reason. Google Play Music gives you access to over millions of songs and you can save your favorite songs onto Google’s Could storage space and enjoy those songs whenever you like.

You can store up tp 50,000 songs on your device ad can upgrade to its premium services for offline and ad free listening to songs. There are millions of songs available for you to choose, radio channels based on moods, genres, artists etc.


Camera360 Application

#15 Camera360 Application

 This is the last application on our list, but that doesn’t mean its not important enough. Why am even explaining this> Its a camera app afterall, and who doesn’t like selfies? And we are suggesting you the best. Camera360 is an easy to use, with lots of elegant editing tools application. This application contains versatile camera, which provides you multiple modes for your image, creative filters, amazing editing tools and much more.


If you have any other app suggestion for Xiaomi Mi5, please share with us, we will surely appreciate! Also checkout our list is →best high definition games that you can enjoy on this handset.

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