Best Money Saving Apps For Android

Many people choose to use mobile applications for fun. Whether it be playing games, streaming shows, or taking selfies, there are now thousands of mobile apps available that provide plenty of enjoyment. However, there are also many apps that have been designed to help you save money and below you will discover some of the best money saving apps for Android.

For those who have more than one back account, keeping track of your money can be difficult but the Mint app is here to help. Mint will keep track of all your transactions from all your accounts in one easy to use app. There is no need to login to multiple accounts to check your finances and Mint will make a note of your spending patterns and create a budget to ensure you are only spending what you have to and can make savings. You may be spending more than you need to on certain things and the Mint app will help you to identify where you can save money in future.

If you shop regularly online, you can make huge savings by using a dedicated shopping Android app, such as Shopkick. Using the app, it is possible to browse a huge range of products and find them for the best price. Shopkick helps by finding many products for under full price and you can earn points when making purchases via the app. The points can be transformed into gift cards and the cards can be used to buy products at participating brands.

There are several Android applications that have been designed to bring you the best promotional codes for products and entertainment. By using the codes, it is possible to make huge savings on products, some of which can be as high as 50% off the retail price of an item. Promo codes are commonly used for online gambling and by using sportsbook promo codes, it is possible to double the amount with which you have to wager.

So, if you are planning on betting regularly throughout the NBA season or just want to have a wager on a one off event, such as the Super Bowl, it is worth checking out the promo code apps before you make your first deposit at the sportsbook. Coupons Buddy and PromoCodeClub are two good examples of promo code apps for Android.

Moving on, and we come to another great money saving apps for Android called SavingStar. This is a coupon app and it works by generating money off coupons for thousands of grocery stores and drugstores. Not only that, but SavingStar will link your store loyalty cards to the app and this helps to produce the best offers. It is even possible to earn cash when using the SavingStar app in conjunction with your loyalty cards.

Some of the other leading money saving apps for Android include Groupon, Amazon Local, Viggle, GasBuddy, Hotel Tonight, BestParking, and GameFly. These apps can save you money when buying experiences, food, gasoline, watching television shows, parking the car, booking a hotel, and purchasing video games.

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