Best Senior Mobile Phones of 2021

Who said only the young can enjoy mobile phones? In this day and age, even our moms and dads, actually even our grandparents, can relish the best days of their lives with the technological magic that any smartphone can bring.

Although most of the models manufactured today are not user-friendly enough for the oldies, there are still senior mobile phones available out there that will serve the needs of our folks.

In this piece, we’ve rounded up the main types of mobile phones for the elderlies and the best models that fall under those categories that you can buy online.

Keypad Phones

Remember the old glory days of Nokia? These ancient phones which sport a keypad that beeps as you press it are basically the iPhones of that era. And for justifiable reasons, there are some who actually prefer these rather than the freshest drops of Apple. Most of them are our seniors.

Understandably, these types of phones like the Alcatel 3080 or Nokia 220 are much sturdier, easier to use (at least for seniors), and have all the basic features that you’ll need in a phone. Namely, messaging, calling, basic browsing, and for the love of it, simple gaming.

Make no mistake, though. Although seniors prefer keypad phones, it doesn’t mean it has to be an ancient model that’s revived from a dusty treasure chest. The Alcatel 3080 is packed with 4G connectivity, 1530 mAh battery, and up to 32 GB of storage. For someone who needs a mobile phone mainly for communication, this is already a sweet deal.

Flip Phones

Back in the day, there’s nothing more satisfying than flipping your phone open to answer a call. Up to this day, we low-key miss that clicking sound and the added flair that you just can’t find in any smartphone right now.

Good thing, this one-of-a-kind breed of mobile phones is still alive and kicking. And it serves well their main market: the elderlies who need sturdy and uncomplicated handsets. One that stands out the most is the Telstra Flip 3 that goes beyond nostalgia. It’s powered by a 1600mAh battery and boasts 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

It also sports large clear buttons and a bright display screen for seniors to enjoy the experience more.


We’ve been generalizing our elderlies, don’t you think? Although most of our old folks are admittedly laggards when it comes to technology, that seems to be not the case when it comes to some folks. Surprisingly, there are seniors who can actually keep up with the millennials.

They are the folks who can easily navigate an iPhone and its apps, given that its font sizes are bigger than normal. Screens must be wider than usual, too, to help them see the interface clearly. 

Given that, the iPhone XR is probably the best choice for them. It has good battery life, lightweight design, and relatively large screens. It also boasts a user face identification feature, so our elders don’t have to remember their passwords every now and then.

Certainly, mobile phones are not just for us who are masters of the current trends and latest technology. Seniors don’t plan on getting left behind. Although there are still some limitations to their capacities set by their old age.

So if you’re looking to buy your parents or grandparents a new cell phone, make sure that you consider their abilities and preferences.

Your dad might prefer a very simple communication device like a keypad phone or a flip phone, which he can use to text or make phone calls in case of emergencies. And nothing more than that. While your mom might want to hop on the trend of selfies and Instagram, so a smartphone that is user-friendly for seniors is a better pick.

But whatever type of phone they need and want, for sure you’ll find it in most online tech shops like Auditech. They boast a huge range of phones, accessories, and other techs so you’ll never run out of options.

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