Best Time Management Apps

The best days are those where we are able to manage all our tasks timely. Whatever is on our agenda for that day, we are able to finish it only if we have planned our day well in advance and are able to distribute time evenly to all tasks.

Not everyone is good with time management, some are able to manage their time well whereas some people are not able to manage it very well.

Today, there are multiple apps that can help people manage their time well. For example, using appointment reminder apps make it easier to book appointments with clients and automatically remind them of their scheduled appointments. These apps make one productive and more efficient with their work. They help you in planning your day in a much better way. Some of the best time management apps available today are as under:

Best Time Management Apps


Trello is one of the best apps that you can use to manage your time well. On Trello, you can keep track of all your tasks, collaborate with your teammates and colleagues and also put deadlines to each task.

You can create cards, boards and grade them from one board to another to show your progress. Turn on your notification so you never miss a deadline. Trello really does make your day and job go smoothly and without any time crunch.


Asana is a task manager that offers the feature of you to keep a track of your day-to-day activity. You can collaborate with your teammates over any project, track your progress and assign time to a task.


Another one on the list of best time management apps is Lio. Lio is known to make your life much more organised with its amazing features. Targeting people from all walks of life and every age group, and profession, Lio helps in managing tasks well. Offering your several templates to keep track of not just phone numbers, names, products, projects, money, fitness and really, anything to everything, Lio is perfect for all.

Best Time Management Apps

You can upload new files, images to a template, collaborate with people and even make your own template based on your own needs and requirements.

Rescue Time

Rescue time is for anyone who is often wondering whether they are making the most of their time or not. Rescue Time sends you weekly reports to indicate what things are taking more time in your schedule.

Aside from this, the app also has distraction blocking and efficient report tools. You would not be overwhelmed by too many tasks if you are using this app.

There is also team software that’s dedicated to time management among team members. Be ready to know exactly how much time you actually waste and do not utilise.

Focus Keeper

Focus Keeper is definitely one of the best time management apps as it is based on the principles of the Pomodoro Technique, and it is aimed at people who procrastinate and get overwhelmed with tasks. The app has an efficient user interface that is easily customizable based on your needs. This is designed to help you enhance your focus and cut back on anxiety which will definitely make you more efficient. Focus Keeper is great to keep yourself and your teammates from being burned out.

Best Time Management Apps


This time tracker app is great and allows you to become more productive in your everyday life. With Toggl, you can do an analysis and know which particular task or area of work is taking you more time to complete and hence work on it smartly.

Evaluate your daily processes and habits which can be improved easily, all thanks to Toggl. The app also offers great time-saving features integrated with its intuitive interface.


This task management app allows you to assign to-do tasks to due dates. Not just this, you can also tag these projects to different people with project labels. You can access it through your phone as well as your laptop. As a fun added bonus, you can rack up “Karma points” by completing tasks consistently.


This is an AI-enabled digital calendar, scheduling and time management solution for individuals and teams. With this, you can bring Google Calendar, iCal (Apple Calendar), and Outlook Calendar all together into one dashboard view that you can customize and share.

It syncs across devices as well as offers virtual assistance that can learn all about your schedule and can take over meeting planning, schedule changes etc.

Remember The Milk

Struggling to manage everything? With Remember The Milk you can create to-do lists and get reminders via email, text message, and more. The app is compatible with your computer, laptop, mobile, outlook, Gmail etc. and it also allows you to sync all your devices for easier time management.

The apps constantly remind you of your work and what needs your attention. You can share the tasks, lists with others and work as a team.

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