7 Best War Games for Android

The genre of wargames is very broad and goes far beyond tanks or “collards”. It encompasses everything from shooters to strategy games, which often provide bizarre cross-genre experiences and create entire universes. Sometimes pre-made ‘universes’ come into the world of mobile gaming.

An example of this is a game based on Star Wars, which is also included in our selection today. To give you something to play at the weekend for those who love a good wargame, we’ve put together a variety of representatives of this genre that have one thing in common – the love of players around the world. Some of them have flaws, but overall they’re still great.

Clash of Clan

1. Clash of Clans is the most famous war game

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular online war games for Android. In order to play it, you only need the Internet. In this game, you will have to turn your village into an unbeatable fortress to protect yourself from your rivals.

You have to choose mighty warriors like Dragons, Horsemen, Archers to defeat all your opponents and take over their resources. The best part is that you can fight a variety of players from all over the world. If you want to get a head start, consider going the route of purchasing an account from and get caught up to speed with the rest of the gamers playing.

Download this game here.

2. Boom Beach is a popular wargame.

Boom Beach is one of the best Android wargames where we have to fight the evil villain by using clever and logical thinking. You must attack enemy bases to free the islander and learn the secret of the tropical paradise.

Players can also play with other players online to create an unbeatable task force for a joint mission. One of the missions is a battle to take control of resources in order to improve bases and stand up to enemies more effectively. It only remains to add that this game has been downloaded by around 100 million users.

Download this game here.

Rivals at War is a game with military missions

3. Rivals at War is a game with military missions

Rivals at War is another gem among all Android games that include military missions. You have to choose the best fighters for your team who are always ready for battle. Players can upgrade weapons for each mission and control the team by giving the right orders. Soldiers can be trained for different missions.

This game offers 45 different missions, each with 3D graphics and unlocks special rewards. It was downloaded less often than previous games of the genre, but it gathered 50 million users.

Download this game here.

4. Game of War Fire Age is a historical war game

Game of War Fire Age gives the player the feeling of a real king. You must create an empire that lasts for a long time. It’s an online role-playing game that can also be played with other players around the world.

You can also communicate with other players in 32 different languages. Interaction is not only possible on a battle level. The main thing is to build a real empire in spite of, or thanks to, the other players. Nearly 100 million users attest to its quality.

Download this game here.

5. Star Wars: The Star Wars Game

Star Wars is a fascinating game that belongs to the list of military games for Android, in which we have to choose the heroes for our team and conduct training before the heated battles. And they can take place in a wide variety of locations.

It provides a stunning graphical interface and simple controls. The battles in it will be really fascinating and exciting. You can use the powers of different heroes to defeat your opponents. It’s even surprising that only 10 million users have downloaded it.

Download this game here.

Warship Battle is a wargame.

6. Warship Battle is a wargame.

Warship Battle is a three-dimensional wargame with attractive graphics and simple controls. It’s an offline game that offers a wide variety of battle types, but they’re all built around fleets.

You can also customise your battleship with different equipment and weapons to defeat your opponents. The game is totally non-consumptive and compatible with all Android versions from Android 2.3 and above.

Download this game here.

7. Tank War is a tank game

Tank War is a combination of a game and a military strategy game. You have to fight the enemy armed forces and develop a strategy to defeat them. This game provides realistic shooting and it has very well recreated battle sounds.

The gist is simple. You will have to destroy the enemy tanks and thus win the war. It has various missions, and even though it’s not a unique game in its genre, even so, it’s strange that it’s only been downloaded by 5 million users. With that result, you could say it’s underrated.

Download this game here.

So, these are the best War games that you can enjoy on your Android phone. There are plenty of games such games available, you just need to open Google Play and look out for them. We hope that you’ll find these apps joyful, if you do, make sure to drop your comments below. We would be happy to hear from you!

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