What’s the Best Way to Follow Formula 1 From Your Smartphone?

Formula 1 is one of the most-watched sports in the world. In 2019, the cumulative viewing figures reached 1.922 billion people over the season, a 9% increase on the year before. These were generated by around 470 million unique viewers, significantly more than the NFL’s Super Bowl and even the final of the Champions League. 

In addition to this, new contracts with data processing companies have allowed sportsbooks to open new markets around F1. This has also helped to increase the number of fans looking for Formula 1 betting odds for races and the two world championships.

As a sport that’s driven by data and statistics, fans often love to understand everything there is to possibly know about each race, either to help them with their betting choices or because they want to make predictions about the outcomes of race strategies. 

If you’re one of these fans and would like to follow Formula 1 on the go, check out these mobile apps.

Formula 1

The official Formula 1 app offers a range of information and data to fans either as a companion to watching on TV or at the trackside, or to help them follow the race while they’re on the go. 

Anyone that downloads the app for iOS or Android gets free access to detailed technical analysis on in-race events and car developments, live leaderboards during sessions, and lap-by-lap text updates. 

For those that subscribe to F1 TV, you also get access to live telemetry and tyre data, full live timing, driver trackers, and audio commentary during each session. 


While the official F1 app does a great job of giving you information on your favorite sport, the folks over at Autosport always have something else they can add. The motorsport magazine was first published in 1950 and has been at the heart of Formula 1 ever since. 

The app gives you access to Autosport’s expert journalism on F1 and other sports, including Formula E, IndyCar, Formula 2, and NASCAR. 

The app also provides live text coverage, schedules, results, and standings for F1 and other categories. You also get access to expert video analysis that can help to explain the last minute changes some teams make to their cars. 


Freader1 is an aggregator of all the latest F1 news from many leading sources, providing you with a one-stop shop for all your latest updates. This means that you can read about the biggest and latest developments in the sport from the likes of PlanetF1, the BBC, Sky Sports, and ESPN all in a single place. 

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