8 Best Waze Tips and Tricks In 2021

If you have everything ready for your summer holidays and you’re going to use Waze to get to your chosen destination for your summer break, don’t miss these best Waze tips you need to know before you go on your next holiday to get the most out of the app on your commute.

Waze has become one of the most popular and widely used navigation apps in Spain. Its ease of use and excellent performance with the information provided by the app’s users have made it one of the must-haves when travelling by car. Don’t miss these 8 Waze tips you should know before going on holiday and make your journey much more efficient.

1. Share Route With Your Friends Or Family In Real-Time

If you want to share your route with friends or family so they can see your arrival time or the route you’re following in real time, Waze makes it easy. Just open the app and search for your route. Then scroll down the route information and click on the “share ride” button. Then choose the app and the contact you want to send it to.

2. Add Several Stops To Your Route

If before reaching your final destination you are going to stop to enjoy a tourist site, visit a family member or friend, or simply want to make one or more stops along the way, you can add them so that you don’t lose the directions within the Waze app.

To add multiple stops to your route, open the app and search for your route. Then tap on the estimated time of arrival. Then swipe down on the screen that shows the routes to take.

Then click on the “add stops” button. If the stop you are going to make is at a car park, petrol station or restaurant, tap on the icon. If it is another place, tap on the magnifying glass icon and enter that place and tap on save.

3. Check The Best Time To Travel

If you already know your destination several days in advance, you can check the best time to make the journey on Waze. The application displays information about the times when certain roads are busiest. Avoid traffic jams by checking this information.

To see the hourly traffic intensity, simply open the Waze app, search for your route destination and then click on “Later”. Then choose the time you are going to travel according to the graph that appears on the screen showing the intensity. Finally, click on save.

4. Activate The Invisible Mode So That Your Location Is Not Visible

One of the 8 Waze tips you should know before you go on holiday is the invisible mode. If you don’t want your friends to see you connected to the application or your Waze data to be shown on the map, you can activate the invisible mode.

To do so, just open the app and then tap on the bottom of the app where it says “My Waze”. Then click on your profile name and click on “settings” and “privacy”. Finally, activate the “make you invisible” option.

5. Listen To Your Favourite Spotify Music Without Leaving The App

If you want to listen to your favourite Spotify music within Waze, simply connect the two apps.

To do this, open Waze and click on the pink music note icon on the screen. Then choose “Spotify” and accept the permissions to connect the two apps.

6. Avoid Speeding Tickets With The Speedometer

Waze is an app that can help you avoid getting speeding tickets. If you go to “My Waze” and click on your profile name and then click on “Settings”, you will see that there is a “speedometer” option.

Go into it and turn on the “Show on map” option. You will see how fast you are going. You can activate an audible alert if you exceed the speed limit and Waze will warn you.

7. Set Up Alerts For Waze To Warn You

One of the advantages of Waze is that you can set up alerts to warn you of a whole host of circumstances on the road. To do this, open the app and tap on “My Waze”. Then tap on your profile name and click on “settings”.

Finally, go to “alerts and warnings” and under alerts, activate all the alerts you are interested in, from speed cameras to weather hazards, police or accidents.

8. Compare Petrol Prices

We close the 8 Waze tips you should know before going on holiday with the petrol price function. Filling up with fuel is one of the must-have necessities especially when travelling.

Waze tells you the fuel prices for the area you are in so you can see which is the most cost-effective. Just open the app and enter your route and then click on the arrival time. Then click on the gas stations icon and enter each one to see how much the gas is.

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