Bingo Benefits: Celebrities Who Swear by the Game

Bingo is a classic game that has been played all over the planet for decades, but could it do more than just offer you a way of getting an enjoyable pastime? By looking at how some of the planet’s most famous people have played bingo, we’ll discover a few unexpected things that this game can do for us.

A Hobby to Bring the Family Together

Perhaps the most heart-warming example of a famous person playing bingo comes from actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. She reportedly gets a personalized set of bingo cards and balls made for each Christmas. This allows her family to play some games together and bond at a special time of year, which is a terrific idea.

With online bingo games, there’s no need to go to the expense of getting custom-made accessories, though. In fact, you could look at the bingo offers at Paddy’s website to find deals such as free games and jackpot prizes that might be worth checking out. Playing together online can be just as rewarding as doing so with physical cards and balls. The best part is, you can connect to these games using mobile devices too.

A Way to Learn a New Language

You might never have considered bingo as a way to expand your linguistic horizons. Yet this game helped Cristiano Ronaldo do that when he moved to England. The Portuguese player needed to improve his English skills while playing for Manchester United and someone kindly gave him a bingo DVD. Ronaldo later said that this helped him a lot along the way.

The idea of using bingo to improve language skills might not be as loco as it first appears. This advice from 5-Minute Language talks about improving your focus while learning, and what could be better than focusing on a game you genuinely enjoy and playing it in a different language? The game goes by the same name in just about every language, but the keywords like ball and card, as well as the numbers, all change.

Games to Take a Break from the Routine

Our next celebrity is Prince William, who famously used to play bingo while he was stationed at the military base in Sandhurst, and it’s easy to imagine that this pastime was something that he looked forward to after a tough day of exercise. He also reportedly enjoyed playing bingo with his father and grandmother, which confirms that many different types of families like to get together to see who is the first person to claim a full house.

The convenience of online bingo makes it something that can fit into any lifestyle. It seems safe to assume that there are plenty of people across the country who look forward to a few games as much as Prince William. With themed rooms and lots of different ways of playing in 90-ball and 75-ball formats, it’s easy to see this as a way of adding some variety to any day.

These are just a few of the ways that bingo going online has helped us to reap some of the game’s biggest benefits, and there are sure to be lots more waiting to be discovered.  

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