Block Puzzle Apps Taking Google Play Store By A Storm

Are you looking for a game that can keep you glued to your screen for hours? The puzzle games might be your perfect option. These games can give you an excellent gaming experience. What’s more, most puzzle games are suitable for all ages. If you are looking for a game that can sharpen your thinking skills and help you to shape your minds, you should pick a puzzle game.

Among the interesting puzzle games includes the Block Puzzle Games. You can play block puzzle games for hours on end because it is very addictive. We are going to give you a list of some of the top block puzzle games that are taking the Google Play Store by storm. Let’s delve into them.

1. Wood Block Puzzle

The woodblock puzzle continues to gain massive popularity among puzzle players. This game is more attractive than other colorful blocks. Its unique interface is among the things that have made this game become very popular. You can download it on Google Play Store.

In this game, the player is required to drag the wooden blocks to fill the rows. The rows will then disappear when filled. Players will get marks once they have completed a row. Completing many rows in a single drag increases your score. So if you want to score more, you need to strive to complete as many rows in one drag as possible. The game will be over if there is no more space left to move the blocks. 

2. Block Puzzle Gem: Jewel Blast 2020

Another top block puzzle game that is taking Google Play Store by storm is Block Puzzle Gem: Jewel Blast 2020. More than 1 million players have downloaded it on Google Play Store. This game is fun to play. The grid is 10X10 on your screen.

You should clear the horizontal and vertical lines by dragging the relevant blocks. It is worth mentioning that you cannot rotate the blocks. You will be able to score more in this game if you clear many lines in a single drag. You can easily download this fun and addictive block puzzle on Google Play Store.

3. Block Puzzle Jewel

This popular block puzzle game is more of a jigsaw puzzle. It may appear very simple and fun, but it is also challenging. Other than that, the game is quite addictive and can keep you hooked on your smartphone or tablet for hours. 

Block Puzzle Jewel is a unique puzzle game because it is specially designed to test your intellectual level. The app opens with various shapes that should be created. You will get blocks to create horizontal lines. The right lines will disappear from the screen. The more lines you clear, the higher your score.

The game will be over if you lack space to put the given blocks. This game will definitely keep you busy, thanks to its color assortment and amazing graphics. You can also easily download this game on Google Play Store as it is one of the best block puzzle games available on the Google Play Store.

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