Can Far infrared be Harmful to Skin?

Far-infrared devices and saunas are becoming very helpful in relaxing the body. Infrared radiation has various positive effects on the human body such as relaxing sore muscles and increasing blood circulation by supplying oxygen to the whole body. Also, cause some health issues if the exposure time to the radiation is not limited. These devices are produced by Healthy Line and are especially used in gyms and spas. However, far-infrared heat is very beneficial to the body but also has negative side effects.

Far-infrared can be useful and harmful at the same time. It has both good and bad aspects on physical and mental health. Both Advantages and disadvantages of using infrared devices are discussed below:

The positive side

Biological effects

Far-infrared radiation produces heat when absorbed by the body tissues and account for about 40% of sun rays. Only a little amount of heat is dispersed in the environment while the major part is transmitted deep inside the body tissues by the conduction process. A secondary effect is produced, caused by the rise in body temperature resulting in muscle relaxation, capillary vasodilation of the arterioles, and an increase in the metabolism of body tissues.

Many researchers have studied the detrimental effect of infrared therapy and have done to examine the potential health benefits of infrared rays on human skin. However, a research paper published in 2016, highlights some possible health benefits of infrared rays on the skin. These infrared radiations are perceived as heat by the human body.

Therapeutic effects

The therapeutic effect of infrared therapy is due to the elevated body temperature, it can cause:

  • Muscle relaxation – The heat produced by infrared therapy is very helpful in muscle relaxation. Healthy Line produces many IR devices to release muscle and joint pain.
  • Analgesic effect – This effect is caused by the release of halogenic substances from body tissues and helps in proper muscles movement.
  • Trophic effect – The heat produced by IR radiation, increases blood flow and results in vasodilation. This increases the oxygen, nutrients, WBCs, and antibodies that help in the excretion of catabolites from the body tissues. These modifications help in the repairing of damaged tissues and prevent chronic inflammation.

The negative side

Biological effect on the skin

Far-infrared radiation has significant biological effects on human skin and body tissues. IR therapy causes excessive damage to skin and body tissues

Skin aging

 These IR radiations induce free radicals in the skin and weakened its antioxidant capacity. It results in premature skin aging and causes tissue damage. This injury is caused by exposure to IR radiation on the skin through a thermal mechanism. According to research, the infrared heat cause damage to skin or tissues only if a large dose of IR waves is taken.

Skin cancer

Far-infrared therapy may produce a browning effect on the skin by sunburn and also cause reddening and irritation due to the change in blood flow. In extreme cases, people having sensitive skin may cause skin burn and blister formation. But the damaged skin dies and flakes off in some days. When the therapy is followed by a prolonged period of sessions or frequent exposure and result in skin cancer.

The harmful effect of far-infrared therapy depends on:

The exposure duration

IR therapy does not cause any problem if the duration of the session is limited. The damage can only be produced if the exposure time is long. For a short time, about 15-20 minutes are enough to relax your body.

Distance from the source

The distance between the body and the radiation source should not be too close, otherwise, the radiation can penetrate the skin and can cause skin burn.

Frequency of the radiation

If the frequency of far-infrared rays is too high, it may can genetic damage and result in many health problems. In this article, we have explained the positive and negative sides of far-infrared therapy. Aside from health benefits, far-infrared also has many side effects which may lead to many health diseases and mental problems.

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