6 Capable PDF Editors to Maximize Your Productivity

PDF editors have become more common nowadays. Everyone needs PDF editors to make edits, compressions, and more! We know that there are many PDF editors out there but how do you know which ones are worth using? So in this article, we will review 6 capable PDF editors to maximize your productivity. Without any further delay let’s begin!

CocoDoc Our top recommended PDF editor would be CocoDoc. CocoDoc is a world-known PDF editor known for its top-quality downloads and a wide variety of tools. It has a 256-bit encrypted webpage. This means that it has a high level of security to protect your files from other users gaining access to it. CocoDoc has a free version to allow you to edit, convert, compress, and combine files. If you want to get the most out of this editor then we recommend you subscribe to one of its plans which will benefit you in the long run! This editor also has an OCR feature that allows the editor to scan your pdf file and improve its quality. You can also use CocoDoc for creating template PDF.

PDF Editors to Maximize Your Productivity

There are only a few downsides to using CocoDoc. This editor takes a lot of time to download a file if your internet connection is weak. Also, you do not have access to its mobile app unless you are subscribed to one of the packages ($9, $12, $25).

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is very well known for being an online PDF editor and a type of software you can install. However, Soda PDF has more functions on the website version compared to the installed version. They have all types of tools you could use to edit your PDF files.

One issue we found in Soda PDF is that it does not have the OCR feature and it also has terrible security in place. This means that it is most likely able to get hacked and your files could be viewed by unwanted users. Moreover, this editor is paid so you cannot use its offline version unless you pay a monthly subscription fee of $48 which is way more than the rates CocoDoc has.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

You cannot talk about PDFs and not mention Adobe Acrobat. Adobe has all the professional tools ready for users. It has been the PDF editor giant for many years however, much other software is out that is competing with Adobe and are beating it in this category. Adobe has an excellent interface secured with an encryption system. They respect your privacy and have many tools you can use to edit, compress, and expand your files.

The major downside of Adobe is that it is just too overpriced. Users cannot spend $300 on a PDF editing software which you could do with a free editor such as CocoDoc. This pricing is just a deal-breaker.


FormSwift is one of the best free PDF editing sites out there. It is simple to use and has attracted many users due to its lightning-fast downloads. You can only edit, highlight, add texts, signatures, and text.

Unfortunately, this software does not allow you to encrypt your PDF file with a password. Moreover, this is software to be downloaded and used on the go only so there are fewer chances of more and better tools to be added into this PDF editor.

Foxit PDF

Foxit PDF is a PDF editor with a large variety of features such as adding web links, bookmarks, notes, texts, images, and so much more! It is simple to use since it resembles Microsoft Office. You can even add passwords and signatures thanks to this editor.

The disadvantage of getting this editor is that it is only available free for 14 days only. After the trial period, you have to pay about $95 per year which is not entirely worth it.


PDFelement is one of the most secure editing software out there. Everything explained on this site is very simple and straightforward. You can create thumbnails, convert files, edit, preview, spell check, and even sign files using this software. They also offer a wide range of fonts, sizes, and shapes you can add to your file to be more creative.

Unfortunately, the free version gives you limited access to all the tools. If you want to further use it without any troubles you will have to pay a total of $129. Prices like these discourage users from purchasing PDF editors.


Cocodoc PDF Editors

To conclude, the best PDF editing software to use to maximize your productivity is CocoDoc. It is cheaper than PDFelement, Adobe Acrobat, and the majority of the software mentioned here. It has an extremely secure system which sites like Foxit PDF and Soda PDF do not. And last but not least, CocoDoc is the cheapest with the variety of tools it brings. So there you have it, the best PDF editor is CocoDoc.

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