Cars Getting Smarter With In-Car Android Updates

It started with phones in 2008, and then went on to homes and watches. Now, cars are getting smart too. We truly are living in a modern world where you can use internet or a Bluetooth connection to make just about any device talk to another. Android is showing the world just as smart things really can be as they unveil a series of new updates and advancements in their automotive tech.

Volvo, Polestar, Renault And GM Get Involved

Last year, Google welcomed four major vehicle brands to the fold, giving them access to the Android Automotive operating system. This is a system that is used to control the vehicle, making Android responsible for the touchscreen within the car and all the systems that the car uses. The system is open-source, as with all things Android, and runs on Linux.

Android Automotive is an operating system that runs within the car – making it different to Android Auto, which is an interface that allows your smartphone to connect to your car as if it were a second screen. Android Automotive embeds the system within the car and gives the vehicle native access to the likes of Google Maps and other apps.

Google Is Extending Their Range Of Apps

Initially the range of apps available on Android Automotive was limited to mostly only Google apps. The operating system was, however, opened to third-party developers immediately. This means that the number of apps has been growing steadily on Android Automotive. Spotify was one of the first to get an app ready for both Android Auto and Android Automotive. The music streaming service is a big hit with Android users.

Communication will become easier too. If the vehicle is in an accident, it’s possible to notify emergency services from the car. You can also contact a car accident lawyer if you need advice on the spot about road rules or safety, or what information you need to gather from those involved in the accident, as well as from witnesses.

Introduction Of Ultra Wideband Technology

A major update to Android Automotive coming this year was announced at CES 2022. Google has partnered with Motorola to use their MA1 wireless adapter to connect more vehicles to the operating system and more Android phones.

By the end of 2022, any Android phone that has ultra wideband (UWB) technology will be able to operate any compatible vehicle running Android Automotive. Users will essentially have a digital car key that they can also remotely share with trusted devices and other users. From your phone to your car, Android is making major inroads that make life easier. 

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