How To Charge A Smartwatch Correctly

Whether you should discharge your smartwatch after the first charge, how long it holds a charge, and whether you can use cables from other models – this article details how to charge your wearable devices correctly.

Recently, more and more users have been purchasing wearable devices. It’s understandable: hardly any other gadgets can give you a whole new user experience, and a smartwatch does it in a heartbeat. Add to that the cool health monitoring and notification features and you’ve got yourself a super cool gadget. Understandably, a lot of owners have a lot of questions after purchase, and the main one, it seems to me, is about charging.

How to charge a smartwatch properly, how many hours you need to charge the watch, whether you can leave it charging overnight and many others. Today, we’ll try to answer most of them and go over all the nuances of charging a smartwatch battery.

Usually, after buying a new gadget for the first couple of days, you don’t even think about taking it off your wrist. You get acquainted with the interface, you test new features, you understand how different activity sensors work. So when the question arises about charging your smartwatch for the first time, you begin to wonder how best to do it.

How to charge a smartwatch

All smartwatches are charged in two ways: either through a USB cable by wire or through a special docking station in wireless mode. In the package of the watch itself, the manufacturer usually puts a special adapter that suits your model.

Keep in mind that most of them differ from each other. Often, even within the same model range, the adapters are different. The first important conclusion to draw from this is that you should only charge your accessory with the original cable.

Separately, we should mention the power supply for charging. Manufacturers rarely include it in the package and users often do not pay attention to this important parameter at all. Carefully read the instructions for your device and use only the correct charging cube. Most often this is a standard 5V-1A unit.

How many hours you need to charge your smartwatch

How many hours you need to charge your smartwatch

The average battery capacity of a smartwatch is 300-400 mAh. It usually takes about 2 hours to charge the watch from 0 to 100%.

Do I need to fully discharge my new smartwatch? No, you don’t. Forget about all the first charges to 100% and other tricks. Do exactly as you like. Whether you charge your watch fully or take it off at 80% charge is up to you.

The thing is, most smart watches have a lithium-ion battery (just like smartphones). So, either the watch or the smartphone can be charged exactly as you want it to be. It won’t affect the lifespan or any other parameters.

How long do smartwatches hold a charge?

The battery life of a smartwatch depends directly on the functionality of the wearable device. Fitness bracelets and inexpensive smartwatches can hold a charge for up to two weeks without any problems. My colleague Ivan Gerasimov told me that he managed to get as much as 39 days out of his Mi Band. Although a fitness bracelet is a bit different, but still! The numbers are crazy, don’t you agree?

With expensive watches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch, the situation is much more complicated. Yes, they often have even bigger batteries than 300mAh (the 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 has 450mAh), but they hold their charge much worse than their smaller brethren. More often than not, users put them on charge every day.

Always On, continuous activity monitoring, and blood oxygen sensors all inevitably affect the smartwatch’s battery life. Each manufacturer handles the situation differently: Samsung tries to solve the issue by charging the watch from a smartphone, Apple Watch adds a fast charging function.

How to charge a smartwatch from a phone

Few people know, but the Galaxy Watch has PowerShare technology that allows you to charge your wearable device directly from your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

To charge the smartwatch from your phone, you need to:

  1. Swipe the top curtain.
  2. Locate the Wireless PowerShare icon and switch it on.
  3. Turn your smartwatch upside down with the screen facing down.
  4. Place the smartwatch over the PowerShare unit (usually located in the middle).
  5. The smartwatch will then vibrate, indicating incoming charging.
  6. When charging is complete, simply remove the smartwatch from the phone.

Be aware that if your smartphone’s charging level is less than 30%, the PowerShare feature will not be available. For a list of supported devices, check out Samsung’s official website at the link. And of course, don’t be afraid to charge your watch through your phone. It won’t hurt them in any way.

Fix Why the smartwatch won't charge

Why the smartwatch won’t charge

There can be many reasons why your smartwatch won’t charge. Here are the main ones:

The cable or power supply has failed. To check this, try connecting your watch to a different power supply. If it doesn’t work, the cause lies in the wire. Remember, it is better to buy your accessories from official suppliers.

The contacts are clogged with dust and debris. Do not pour alcohol or other flammable liquids on the contacts. Try taking a dry toothbrush and gently sweeping the contacts on both the watch and the wire.

The smartwatch is out of order. It is possible that the gadget does not turn on due to a broken internal component and the charging has nothing to do with it.

In any case, it is always better to apply for help to the service centre. The more so that the diagnosis is usually free of charge. Plus, if you bought the device from official suppliers, don’t forget about the warranty service period.

So, let’s summarize once again all the tips on charging a smart watch:

  • Charging a new watch to 100% is not necessary.
  • On average, it will take about 2 hours to charge the device.
  • The battery life of smart watches varies. Some hold a charge for 14 days, others for no more than 2 days.
  • Don’t be afraid to charge your Galaxy Watch through reverse charging.
  • Use only the cable and power adapter designed for your model.

Any questions? Feel free to ask them in our Telegram-chat or in the comments below. It will be interesting to read.

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