Can I charge an Android phone with iPhone Charger?

In this guide, we’ll see if we can charge an Android phone with iPhone Charger, and if it does, what things you should check and remember while doing so.

There are many myths about charging a smartphone. Some say that it is necessary to charge them slowly, not using powerful power units, others assure that charging overnight can ruin the battery sooner, and others sincerely believe that you can only use a complete charger and no other. In especially neglected cases, all these recommendations coincide. But that’s where the people who think this way get their information from, isn’t it? So we either have to confirm or deny it.

Recently a friend of mine asked me if it was possible to charge an Android smartphone with an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook charger. And he was interested in two aspects at once. First, whether Apple chargers are compatible with third-party devices like Samsung and Xiaomi. And secondly, whether their use in a pair will not cause any harm. Let’s try to figure it out.

Will the Apple’s charger charges an Android smartphone?

Well, there are actually no restrictions on using Apple chargers with Android smartphones. Neither Apple itself nor the other manufacturers write about it. So there can be no reason for doubt here – use them together and do not be afraid. Nothing bad is guaranteed to happen.

In principle, I understand where the theory about the incompatibility of Apple chargers and Android smartphones came from. The reason for this was the incompatibility of power adapters from the Cupertino company with counterfeit cables, which were simply blocked when connected to the device. This was done for safety reasons so that a poor-quality cable could not damage the device or the power supply.

Another thing is that there are still some tips for using Apple chargers and Android smartphones together:

  • Don’t use 5-watt power supplies (from older iPhones) to charge Android smartphones. They’re not powerful enough and will charge your device for four, or even five hours.
  • Don’t use the 27-watt power adapter from your MacBook, it only supports 2 power profiles, which probably won’t rock your smartphone’s battery.
  • Choose chargers that support the USB-PD (Power Delivery) standard – only these will allow you to charge your smartphone at maximum power.
  • The best way to quickly charge your Android smartphone from an Apple charger is to use Apple’s own USB-C to USB-C cable.
What you need to know about charging your smartphone using iPhone charger
iPhone Charger

What you need to know about charging your smartphone

While there are no practical restrictions on sharing Android smartphones paired with Apple chargers, there are technical peculiarities that will trivialize your device to charge at maximum speed. Not only do most Apple power supplies have low power, but Android smartphones today support 60, 80, and even 120 watts, but their power profiles often do not match.

About what power profiles are, why they are important and why they are the reason why a seemingly powerful charger unit is not able to charge an ordinary smartphone, we told you here. Be sure to read it, it is very interesting and, most importantly, useful for understanding the processes that take place in the charging process. So I would recommend not to chase after Apple’s own charging units, but to buy something more versatile and powerful. Like this adapter from Baseus.

And now, once again, in a nutshell:

  • Charging Android smartphones with Apple power adapters is fine, there are no bans on it;
  • Apple power adapters often do not have enough power, so it is unlikely to pump the batteries of flagship Android smartphones;
  • Choose chargers as powerful as possible, but make sure they support the widest range of power profiles;
  • Apple’s own power adapters often don’t support leftover cables, so it’s best to use Apple-branded USB-C to USB-C cables;
  • If your smartphone is slow to charge from Apple’s power adapter, it’s best to replace it with a more universal unit.

That’s all you need to know about if you can charge your Android phone using iPhone, iPad, or Macbook charger.

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