Do You Need to Collaborate As A Team? 8 Applications That Will Help You

The Internet has made multitasking much easier across the board. Collaborating as a team in the era of mobility, whether between teams spread across any global geographic area, in different branches of a city, or simply between various departments of an office, is within reach of a few clicks of the mouse.

These applications cover different areas from productivity to communications, project management, remote access, or task management. They are available at an affordable price or even offered for free and although there are many more alternatives, they are a good selection of these types of tools.

1. OneNote

Like other big names in note-taking (like Evernote ), Microsoft’s digital notepad has everything to convince. Free on all platforms, OneNote allows you to capture and organize any data between your devices.

OneNote gives you a team collaboration place to create notebooks and fill them with pictures, tables, links, and whatever other content you can think of. Creating a shared notebook is very simple and allows all users to add their own sections and pages, covering the management of the ideas of the participants.

2. Trello

A project management application is another of the essential tools to collaborate with your team. Trello is one of the most valued because it allows organizing the tasks of a work team, a professional, or a user for the personal or family environment. Its operation is as simple as it is powerful and it is enough to create a board to add lists with cards.

Its organization is tremendously visual and an entire project can be seen by looking at the board. Its operation is simple, dragging and dropping cards between the lists or people to the cards, updating the project in real-time. Allows you to post comments or upload files from a local computer or from cloud services. It has paid and free versions.

3. Toggl

A time tracking tool that includes project creation, client and team management, various workspaces, and reporting tools. To start tracking an activity, simply press the timer, assign a name to the task and click on the action button. You can also add tags for easy organization.

This has the ability to work along with different applications such as Basecamp, and GitHub. It has Web access and through mobile apps, with a free version and also a paid version with additional options.

4. Slack

A business communication tool with a friendly environment not without the power to communicate work teams anywhere in the world. It allows the creation of public chat rooms, sending private messages or group conversations, powerful search functionality, and integration with a good number of cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, social networks such as Twitter, and other productivity tools such as Trello.

It offers a free web service and mobile application under Android and iOS and also a paid monthly subscription to access its full potential.

5. Todoist

Another of the most popular task managers on the market. Similar to Wunderlist, as it allows you to plan and organize simple tasks of a person or large tasks of a work team. You can set priority levels with color codes, due dates, and reminders, assignments of tasks or notes.

It also offers collaboration features, making it easy to assign tasks and workloads. It is available in a free version via the Web and mobile devices and has payment options that offer additional features.

6. Taskade

It is another work collaboration tool that could help you maintain the entire workflow. Taskade provides a simple interface to get started, but it can be quickly switched to a variety of different settings depending on your needs. If you’re looking for the free Todoist alternative, then Taskade offers a lot that you won’t get using Todoist.

For free, it allows users to develop customizable templates, customize the workspace according to the business needs, with feature-rich tools, data can be visualized, and users can sync data on a real-time basis.

This application brings your workforce tasks, notes, and communicating with each other into one unified workspace, to assist your crew gets work accomplished collectively, sooner, and smarter.

7. TeamViewer

One of the best existing tools for remote access and online meetings with which to remotely control any computer over the Internet in just a couple of seconds offers this personal version for free use that every user or mobility professional should try because it offers remote control in seconds on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. In addition to the personal version, it offers Business and Premium licenses to access its full potential.

8. Skype for Business

Microsoft opted for Skype as the company’s main and only communications service and application, in line with the strategy of streamlining similar applications and consolidating services under a single Microsoft ID. Hence this Skype for Business was born, very similar in user experience to consumer Skype, but incorporating the corporate features of Lync, instant messaging, meetings, and screen sharing in a single Office compatible application.

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