Comprehensive Solution for Outlook Data Export

MS Outlook has its own peculiar drawbacks, and they prompt users to move their email elsewhere. Whichever client you opt for, the transfer may be easily achieved with all-in-one software. Data extraction kits for Outlook allow you to move all your messages, tasks and contacts in a flash. This is the only method that guarantees the integrity and readability of all files.

However, there is more to the data extraction kit for Outlook than its transfer capacity. It is indispensable for anyone involved in digital forensics. Deciphered email data helps to expose sources of data leaks, reveal violations of policy violations, or theft of confidential information.

Unprecedented Scope

Unprecedented Scope

The tool can cope with almost anything — from the conversion of a few emails to the extraction of multiformat data. All of it is safely exported and converted to new destination formats when necessary. Their range is extensive. Aside from the default PST, you may choose to save data as:

  • a PDF, RTF, or TXT document,
  • as HTML or MHT,
  • TNEF,
  • MSG or EML,
  • vCard (VCF), vCalendar (VCS) or iCalendar (ICS).

In essence, three popular functions are merged into one efficient kit. With just one piece of powerful software, you will resolve several issues at once: email migration, PST data conversion, and forensic report generation.

The third point makes the product especially handy for detectives and IT security staff. Trace leaks of valuable data and generate court-friendly PDF documents, reports, and other evidence. Identifying the right message within a large volume of correspondence is easier than ever. The range of emails you specify turns into a CSV file compatible with MS Excel. Export the crucial message as HTML or MHT, and pass it on to the court of law.

How the System Works

Even the most complex operations of all-encompassing export require little participation from the user. The system was designed for all levels of computer competence. All you need to do is launch the app, specify where the source data lies (mail client or separate PST file) and choose the appropriate export option. Here are a few notable features at this stage:

  • Choice of the end format for each type of extracted items.
  • Item filtering by different characteristics, including size, date of creation, attachments, etc.
  • Recreation of the source folder structure.
  • Retaining the original dates of creation for extracted files.
  • Assignment of a standard name for emails without a subject.

There is much more to this utility than data extraction. It also allows simple and reliable backup for your work. Most people never think of backing up their emails, completely oblivious to the fact that large storage files are susceptible to data corruption.

How the System Works


With the functions of several utilities fused into one, the benefits are clear. A single affordable kit allows the transformation of versatile data at the click of a mouse. Emails, calendars, and address lists are moved in a hassle-free mode. The unique forensic dimension makes the product extremely handy for security professionals.

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